Bennelong By-Election: Meet the Candidates

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A by-election for the seat of Bennelong will be held on Saturday the 16th December 2017. The trigger for the by-election was the resignation of the sitting member, John Alexander of the Liberal Party. He resigned due to having held British citizenship, meaning he was ineligible under Section 44 of the Constitution to sit in Parliament. John Alexander renounced his British citizenship in order to nominate for election again.

Many others are also running for the seat and we have contacted these candidates to ask them a series of questions, many of which were sent to us by members of the Ryde District Mums Facebook Group.  

We have not edited any responses from candidates and they appear in the order in which they were sent back to us.

Click on the candidate names below to see their responses. 


Anthony Ziebell | Affordable Housing Party 

Anthony Fels | Non-Custodian Parents Party (Equal Parenting)

Kristina Keneally | Labor 

Justin Alick | The Greens

Gui Dong (William) Cao | Christian Democratic Party

James Jansson | Science Party

John Alexander | Liberal

Wesley Foliltarik | Sunstainble Australia