Lilypad Early Learning Centre, Top Ryde

Lilypad Early Learning Centre, Top Ryde

We are a family operated, long day care centre which first opened in 2011. For the last eight years, we’ve been providing exemplary care and have set a very high standard to ensure that each child receives excellent care within the Ryde area. We strive to provide an environment which feels like home and we pride ourselves in our relationships with our children and families. We ensure that we offer an environment in which both children, and their families, feel welcome and cared for. Many of our families return for our services with younger siblings as our care and facilities at Lilypad is well known and regarded.

We value Relationships

We believe a positive relationship is the foundation for the provision of quality care and education. Positive relationships can be built on trust, respect and good communication.

We endeavour to establish and maintain trusting, respectful and responsive relationships with our families and communities which focuses on active and open communications to ensure the best outcome for our children.

We care about our children

Children’s wellbeing always comes first to us as an Early Childhood Education and Care Provider. We have a unique WELLBEING program to support a child’s healthy body and mind.

  • Healthy Eating (Centre Menu) – Our qualified and experienced cook prepares nutritious meals with fresh ingredients and takes into consideration children’s daily nutritional requirements as recommended by the NSW Government.
  • Munch & Move – the NSW Department of Health’s initiated children’s wellbeing program is deeply embedded in our curriculum through our daily outdoor programs, the Centre Afternoon Program (cooking experiences & mini moves activities), Local Excursions and our Work Out Studio Program.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities – Apart from the healthy eating and ‘Munch & Move’ we offer a range of sports programs such as FAST Football, Taekwondo (Korean Martial Arts), Happy Feet and Zumba which encourage children to be engaged in fun and interactive physical activities.

Lilypad Benefits

  • Lilypad Library
  • Exceptional and range of Centre Educational Programs
  • Lilypad Hat, Cot/Bed linen upon enrolment
  • Access to Parent portal to view the child’s daily information and monthly documentation
  • Two developmental reports throughout the year
  • Parent Teacher Interviews (each room has a set day to do this on)
  • CCS entitlement
  • Quality care and love by our warm hearted and experienced Educators
  • Friendly and fast action taking management team
  • Cosy parents corner providing useful parenting information and local community services
  • Nutritious and freshly made meals by our qualified full time cook
  • Professional collaboration with early childhood professionals


Address: MM19/Level 2, Top Ryde City Shopping Centre, 115 Blaxland Road, Ryde NSW 2112

Phone: 9808 5522



Shepherds Bay Ryde Montessori Academy Childcare

Shepherds Bay Ryde Montessori Academy Childcare

Montessori Academy is coming to the vibrant residential community of Shepherds Bay, Meadowbank. The upcoming childcare centre is expected to open Autumn 2020 pending Service Approval by the Department of Education. Once operational, the long daycare will deliver an exceptional Montessori Education Program for children aged 0 – 6 years and operate weekdays 7:30am – 6:00pm. To enquire about the Waiting List and Enrolments, please contact our Family Care Team on 1300 000 162.

Goodstart Early Learning Gladesville

Goodstart Early Learning Gladesville

Join our happy little community here at Goodstart Early Learning Gladesville!


About our new centre

Our modern, purpose-built centre is now open and provides much-needed care for local families. Featuring spacious six learning spaces over two levels and separate nursery sleep rooms, Goodstart Gladesville is designed as a modern yet home-like, naturally inspired environment.

Our early learning programs cater to each child’s stage of development, from six weeks of age to Preschool-aged children. The curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and is tailored to your child’s individual interests.

At Goodstart Gladesville, we are inspired by the children we meet and engage with every day. Our learning program is created and inspired by each individual child’s interests, encouraging the children to not only extend on these interests but to continuously develop and challenge themselves through play and exploration.


Key Educator Relationships

At Goodstart Gladesville we are committed to providing your child with Key Educator Relationships.  What does this mean? At the heart of key educator relationships is the establishment of secure attachments and individual care and education, this assists children to reach their full potential.

Key educators give families and children one or two people in the centre who are deeply connected to the child, their development, their rituals and their specific needs. For families, this means you will always have a ‘go-to’ person in the centre to ask questions about your child or raise concerns. For children, key educators help to form strong and secure relationships through continuity, consistency and nurturing relationships between educators and children individually and in small groups. 


What’s included in the daily fee?

  • All meals daily including a light breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack.
  • Cot and bed linen
  • Nappies
  • Sunscreen and hats
  • T-shirts and Polo shirts for our 3-5 years children


Phone: 9879 6469






Imaginations Pre-School, Marsfield

Imaginations Pre-School, Marsfield

“It is the little things that count!”

Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield is a boutique early childhood learning centre that provides a positive learning platform for your child in their early years of study. We believed in building a strong learning foundation for your child to provide a great head start for your child’s future.

At Imaginations Pre-school we offer a warm and welcoming learning environment with positive feelings of safety, love and attentive care. This will provide a smooth and positive transition for parents to leave their children in our care.

All children are unique. Hence we believe strongly that our individualised curriculum will provide the support, encouragement and positive learning outcome for your child’s time spend at Imaginations Pre-School Marsfield.

Imaginations Pre-School is a highly reputable childcare centre and preschool in our local community in Marsfield, Epping and Eastwood area. Please give us a call today!


Colour My World Children’s Centre

Colour My World Children’s Centre

Our Centre aims to provide high-quality care to families, children and early childhood professionals who walk in and join our family.

Our service aims to capture a home away from home feel that has environments that we hope will enable children to connect home life to centre and centre to home. We want children to feel comfortable and respected each and every day they arrive to care.

Each day is a new conversation, a new journey, a new idea which will come from your children with the mentoring and educational insight from our qualified educators. Our mission is to make every effort to work in unison not only with your children but with you….being our families who have given us the gift of working with your world – your child.

Phone: 0417 265 687

Kids Planet Academy, North Ryde

Kids Planet Academy, North Ryde

Welcome to Kids planet academy, we are a brand new state-of-the-art childcare centre located behind North Ryde train Station.

We are a centre that embeds sustainable teaching practices within our service, We believe that Our goal at Kid’s Planet Academy is to incite a natural inquisitive learning mindset to enable our children to explore, enjoy, and create their own learning spaces where they feel safe and secure while interacting with their peers and educators within a sustainable environment that encourages them to care for the natural world as well as each other.

We believe at Kids Planet Academy it is important to teach our children, respect, responsibility, independence, curiosity and exploration throughout their ongoing social development. Our programs are child interest based giving us the opportunity to explore many avenues.

We have regular incursions/excursions to keep the children engaged and interested ensuring fun filled educational days within the service.

We have an onsite chef as we understand the importance of a healthy balanced diet in such young ages. Our Chef prepares all the meals fresh daily from a childcare nutritional rotating menu, catering for all the children’s individual needs.

We provide the families with daily updates and observations that they can view at their own convenience online, anytime and anywhere. We have an onsite car park for all our families giving them secure drop of and pick up zones.  


Kids Club Macquarie Park

Kids Club Macquarie Park

Welcome to Kids Club Macquarie Park where your child’s adventures begin! Watch your child’s eyes widen as they encounter a giraffe family, a life-sized helicopter, a bright red fire engine in our interactive outdoor space.

Our unique Education for Life program provides a holistic play-based curriculum to children from babies to pre-schoolers.

Our passionate educators work in partnership with our families to ensure each child reaches their full potential and create a home away from home for our little ones. Through the warmth and expertise of educators, children can develop healthy attachments that allow them the freedom to learn joyfully.

A thorough orientation process, where children spend time with their educator before entering care, allows for a smoother transition.

We understand the importance of nutrition in those early years. Our gourmet chef creates healthy and delicious meals daily based off a menu designed with food expert Annabel Karmel. Our exclusive partnership puts the ‘mmm’ into yummy meals!

Kids Club has an open-door policy which allows families to build up trust with educators and visit their children whenever they wish. This also means breastfeeding mums can drop by to nurse their babies throughout the day.

Parents will be updated on their child’s activities and progress on the Kids Club’s App, with information on meals, nap times, nappy changes and more.

With on-site parking zones for drop-off and pick-ups and close proximity to the train station, the new centre’s location offers families convenience and flexibility.

We are open from 7.00am to 6.30 pm.



Cressy Road Cottage

Cressy Road Cottage

Family owned and operated, our beautiful space for children has been servicing the local community for more than 30 years. Our indoor and outdoor space is second to none, with huge environments for children to spread out and move.  We occupy 2000 sqm of land just a few minutes away from Victoria Road (on foot) with just 68 children a day! 
The gardens are established sanctuaries for not only children but also local wildlife and we love to listen for native bird calls and search the trees for kookaburras and lorikeets.  Our back garden offers loads of natural shade and private little spaces for children to explore.
With a strong focus on respectful care giving, very low staff turnover and calm environments our children thrive. Management is hands-on and visible, with both the Approved Provider and Nominated Supervisor being qualified Early Childhood Teachers we strongly advocate for quality, evidence-based practice.
Our team is a multicultural one, with lots of different languages spoken and cultures practised.  We encourage all children to use their home languages and we make a genuine effort to be inclusive of all beliefs.  
Above all, we want every child to feel confident to be themselves.  To be happy and secure every day and enjoy their right to a stimulating and fun childhood!


Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten

Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten

Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten, situated on a quiet residential street is a family owned and operated centre that has been educating local children for over 50 years.

We have consistently provided children between 2 and 6 years of age with the tools to confidently learn and grow

At Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten we aim to inspire children with a lifelong passion for learning. By providing a high-level of care and education in an environment designed to stimulate and inspire their ever-searching minds.

We make sure all our children achieve their highest potential, ensuring every child’s love of learning is nurtured.

Our educators are passionate about learning and are carefully chosen for their strong qualifications, experience and natural flair. We take pride in our team of loyal, intelligent and nurturing educators, who inspire a passion for learning through providing stimulating environments for the children.


Little Learners Centre

Little Learners Centre

Little Learners Centre is a brand new state of the art early learning service with countless hours of thought, effort and passion dedicated to every inch of our journey. We are conveniently located between Ermington Primary and Marsden High school and provide basement parking for 14 cars.  Our comprehensive philosophy is brought to you by our highly trained and passionate educators incorporating the NQF and the latest cutting edge R&D in the early childhood sector. LLC is actively engaged with its local community schools & services and will strive for excellence through its high-quality play-based educational environment paying acute attention to our children’s individual physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual well-being as well as cognitive aspects of learning.

We believe the purpose of a child care centre is to create an environment where the children are free to explore, find what interests them and grow. It is a place where the children are allowed to develop their sense of agency, autonomy, inter-dependence and resilience. The centre will provide an environment with rich and diverse experiences and resources within a holistic learning framework. It will follow a play-based pedagogy where the experiences are directed to the children’s strengths and interests. The experiences will challenge and engage the children and work towards what is best for each individual child. Additionally, the centre will be a place where educators can keep learning to extend their professional development. The better our educators become the more the children benefit. LLC – A unique blend of child caring and family support.



Little Zaks Academy Epping

Little Zaks Academy Epping

Little Zak’s Academy Epping has been in open since March 2015. Since opening, we have been providing a high-quality care program for our children, by creating bonds with our families and local communities.

We strive on being the best in the area, providing our children with the tools to create the best start in life. We do this by conducting incursions, which include the local fire brigade, police department, doctors, dentists, vets and Kindi-farms. We also implement an intense school readiness program for our preschool-aged children.

But most importantly, we only employ the best educators who are dedicated to providing a stimulating and exciting program for our children, supported by their caring and nurturing nature and a great team-like attitude. A chef is present on site to provide 5 meals daily.

Entry to the centre can be found by the use of a doorbell and securely locked entry.

Our Epping centre caters for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years.

Please browse through our website, for further information.


Little Zaks Academy Ryde

Little Zaks Academy Ryde

Set in the beautiful and Heritage Dellina Palm Cottage Little Zak’s Academy Ryde child care centre strives on being the best in the area, providing our children with the tools to create the best start in life. We do this by conducting incursions, which include the local fire brigade, police department, doctors, dentists, vets and Kindi-farms. We also implement an intense school readiness program for our preschool-aged children.

But most importantly, we only employ the best educators who are dedicated to providing a stimulating and exciting program for our children, supported by their caring and nurturing nature and a great team like attitude. A chef is present on premises, to provide 5 meals daily. Little Zak’s Academy provides children with numerous complimentary extra-curricular activities which include sports, yoga, French, cooking and prep school classes.

Our Ryde centre caters to children aged 6 weeks to 6 years.