TO DO LIST: Get a Mole Check

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by Jacqui Owens


Have you ever had something on your to-do list for FIVE YEARS that you’ve finally been able to tick off?? For me it was a mole check and I finally had it done last week at Hunters Hill Medical Practice.

Having olive skin that doesn’t burn easily, I’ve been guilty (in the not-so distant past) of forgetting to use SPF and even feeling somewhat less worried about the impact of the sun. 

In recent years I’ve fortunately wised up a little and seen the error of my ways, but wanted to see what kind if damage I may have already done.


I visited the Mole Map service on the top floor of the Hunters Hill Medical Practice which unbeknownst to me, (blind Freddy, obviously!) despite having been one of their patients for 10 years, they have a whole floor dedicated to allied health and other medical services.

Here I met the lovely Inga, a dedicated melanographer, who carefully and thoroughly checked me from head to toe for any suspicious moles – her experienced eye knows exactly what to look for.  She explained to me that it’s less often the moles people come in for that end up being the problem, but rather the unnoticed ones are where she finds issues. She also told me that Australia has one of the highest melanoma rates in the world and that one Aussie is diagnosed every half hour and one of us dies from it every five hours. I had NO idea.

As the name describes, moles are photographed and mapped with their incredible software and dermascopic imaging, making it easy to monitor them over time. They’re meticulously documented and all results go to the patient usual GP or other health professional as required.



If you’ve been meaning to get your moles checked or your dermatologist takes months to get into OR you’ve seen something suss on your kids, the Mole Map service at Hunters Hill Medical Practice is seriously convenient and extremely thorough.

Other benefits: 

  • there’s no referral required
  • zero wait time
  • you get a full 30 minute consult
  • you can avoid unnecessary procedures by monitoring over time
  • biopsies and excisions can be done by GPs who charge much less than dermatologist and plastic surgeons 



Hunters Hill Medical Practice is offering RDMs $150 consults for the rest of the year (make sure to mention this offer when booking or you will be charged full price!). There’s no medicare rebate but you may get a rebate from your private health insurance (ring them first to check). 



Hunters Hill Medical Practice is located at 6 Ryde Road Hunters Hill and has onsite parking.

Call 9817 2080 to book your appointment or visit for more information.



This is a sponsored article but the opinions are entirely my own.