My Ryde Midwife Never Left My Side

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by Aiyana Schwarz


My pregnancy and birth wasn’t all smooth sailing – I was upset when I heard I had gestational diabetes. Going through Ryde Midwifery Group Practice I had hoped to give birth at Ryde hospital, but with gestational diabetes, we’d need to drive further to Royal North Shore Hospital. My midwife, Leonie, was very supportive throughout the pregnancy and my husband and I attended the Ryde Midwifery pregnancy classes and felt better prepared for the unknowns of birth.

Two weeks before my due date I had a check-up with Leonie who explained the procedures for being induced (you can’t go overdue with gestational diabetes). The following day contractions started and my husband was ready with the contractions app. My vomiting and irregular contractions continued throughout the night with my mum by my side too. Then as morning arrived I suddenly felt the urge to start pushing. We called Leonie, who said to take an ambulance to the hospital. As my husband talked to the ambulance over the phone, he did a great job staying calm while they asked him to prepare for birth with lots of towels and sterile scissors (only later he told me he was freaking out!). I was carried to the ambulance and driven in peak hour traffic, trying not to push, arriving stressed and anxious to RNSH, greeted by unfamiliar faces offering me a drip.

Soon afterwards I spotted Leonie walking through the door and my body sighed in relief. She completely understood me and worked her magic. The nausea stopped, allowing me to stomach a drink of water, which meant I no longer needed a drip. Next, I tried lying in the water-bath – it was so soothing and wanted to stay forever, but after a stressful trip to the hospital my labour had slowed and we had limited time to get the baby out before needing to go under the knife. So my midwife suggested a position on the bed. It worked and soon after I pushed our crying, gorgeous boy into the world.

I’m so glad I could have a natural birth, without the need for drugs and truly couldn’t have done it without my wonderful midwife. I was then wheeled downstairs to a shared room where the RNSH staff were helpful and on-call throughout the night if I needed it. I was exhausted! Thankfully my baby slept six hours straight even through the many times my roommate’s baby cried during the night. I was then ready to go home the following day.

Birth is unpredictable and occasionally obstetrics are needed. I believe having an expert midwife from Ryde by my side significantly reduced the need to go under the knife. Leonie was there supporting me through the ups and downs and one of the most special days of my life, Jett’s birth.

In the weeks following birth, Leonie made home visits to check-up on Jett and offer advice on breastfeeding, bathing and any questions I had. Furthermore, Ryde midwives continued their support by being able to chat at “WOW mums group” which is where I’ve also made some good friends.

Pregnancy, birth and parenthood have proven to be the biggest challenges in our lives and definitely the most rewarding experience. I’m now expecting my second baby and know Ryde Midwifery is the perfect place for me. We are so grateful to Ryde Midwifery Group Practice and they totally deserve the recent number one ranking in Sydney as the best public hospital to give birth in!


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