Linear Park Sydney Olympic Park

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Linear Park is the newest open space within Sydney Olympic Park. This one is hidden in Homebush behind the IGA on Figtree Drive (on Kookaburra’s Lane).

Designed following the release of the SOPA Masterplan 2030 framework, it aims to continue to develop the Olympic Games site into a vibrant commercial and residential zone. The park provides relaxation and recreation for the future influx of some 20,000 new local residents in the area. It also makes use of water-sensitive urban design measures to reduce the volume and speed of runoff and to increase the capacity of SOPA’s drainage network.

In terms of play equipment, the main feature is the fun and challenging vertical maze, Australia’s first Wal-hola playground, which is a clever solution for the small space. It’s and is complemented by a water play area, basket swing, snail rocker and tunnel embankment slide.

Other facilities included:

  • public toilet facilities
  • 2 water stations
  • at least 5 picnic tables!
  • phone charging bench seats
  • BBQ area
  • mini-fitness station
  • walking/cycling trails
  • LED lighting
  • wheelchair-accessibility
  • dog friendly

It’s quite a pretty spot, set under a stunning and ginormous Figtree. The playground is probably best suited to kids 4-12yrs and it’s a great one for locals to walk/scooter to. We parked in the IGA parking – to make a day of it why not grab some snacks from the IGA for a picnic at this sweet little park.

Location: Corner of Sarah Durack and Olympic Boulevard, Sydney Olympic Park (Kookaburras Lane).

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