Where To Recycle Almost Everything In and Around Ryde

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Where items are able to be reused, you probably first try to donate them. With this in mind, last year put together an extensive list of places to donate all types of items. Check it out here.

However sometimes, things can’t be reused and can be recycled instead. Next time you head out, consider stopping past some of these local places to do a bit of recycling. We’re talking batteries, Styrofoam, blister packs and much more – all below!

Top Ryde Shopping Centre

  • Textiles / Fabrics in any condition – King Cotton Bins in the B1 carpark (big red box)
  • Pre-loved toys – Big W
  • Running shoes – Rebel and Athletes Foot
  • Drink containers – Return and Earn machine opposite St George Bank
  • Disposable coffee cups – Coles
  • Batteries – Woolworths or Aldi
  • Blister packs and empty beauty products – Priceline
  • Metal coat hangers – L & L Dry Cleaners

Macquarie Shopping Centre

  • Clothing in any condition – H&M, Uniqlo, Zara
  • Quilt covers, sheets and towels in any condition- Sheridan (temporarily closed)
  • Pre loved toys – Big W
  • Running shoes – Rebel, Hype DC, Athletes Foot
  • Problem Waste (batteries, mobile phones and accessories, ink cartridges, fluoro light bulbs and globes) – entry of the Blue Level Car Park on Level 1
  • Coffee cup recycling stations: level 1 blue level carpark entry, level 2 near Woolworths, level 3 near H&M, level 3 near TGI Fridays
  • Drink containers – Return and Earn machine near Macquarie University station
  • Batteries – Woolworths or Aldi
  • Blister packs and empty beauty products – Priceline

Everything Else!

Hornsby Council Community Recycling Centre (Thornleigh) accepts a large range of problem waste for recycling including hard plastics (cd cases, broken pots, lids etc), styrofoam, worn-out clothing, worn-out shoes, broken bags and soft plastic, oils, electrical items etc.

Northern Sydney Community Recycling Centre (Aratamon) accepts Paint (oil and water-based), gas bottles, fire extinguishers, fluorescent light globes and tubes, electronic waste (eg. computers, TVs, electrical equipment and small electrical appliances), household batteries, lead acid batteries (eg. car & motorbike batteries) and more.

Arnies Recon (Marrickville) accepts computers, laptops, mobile phones, iPads, tablets, video games and consoles, servers and racks, cables, stereos, DVD players, iPods, cameras, monitors, televisions, calculators, transistor radios, washers, dryers, air conditioners, microwaves, dishwashers, vintage collectables, tools, medical equipment.

Cleanaway Ryde Resource Recovery Centre (Ryde) accepts tree trunks, large branches, untreated timber, and specific volumes of expanded plastics, pre-sorted loads of selected material such as paper and cardboard, steel and aluminium cans, scrap metals, white goods, vehicle batteries and limited quantities of sump oil.

Circular metals – accepts scrap metals.

OfficeWorks – accepts E-waste, printer cartridges and ink cartridge, mobile phones, batteries, pens and markers.