Let’s Talk SCHOOL SHOES + Discounts & School Sponsorships

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This year we (Jac and Jess) took our kids to get fitted for school shoes at Athletes Foot Macquarie Centre, which was a first for us both but absolutely not out last! These guys KNOW what they’re doing and we felt very comfortable trusting in the knowledgable and experienced staff.

Athletes Foot Macquarie Centres has been locally owned and operated for 25 years by Bel, who has a brilliant team of long-term staff. Bel told us she has at least 7 staff on all day who will only serve one group at a time so you get 100% focus! We definitely liked that.

How it works

For every fitting, feet are 3D scanned to provide the perfect measurements across the foot. Children then walk down a pressure pad with 4000 individual sensors whilst their unique foot movement is being filmed. This allows staff to identify motion of the foot and gain a great understanding of individual fitting needs. They look at the width of the foot, the height of the arch, the way the foot rolls, and more.


Location and Online Appointment Scheduling

Athletes Foot is located between Coles and the Lindt shop. You can easily book a time online so there’s no waiting around, and as well all know that’s become more important than ever. To book your in-store appointment click here (or google ‘Social Q Athletes Foot’).



The store has 20% off Clark’s and ROC until the end of Jan PLUS for every $300 you spend you get a $30 credit to use in-store. With two kids potentially needing twice-yearly fittings, the $30 definitely comes in handy! They also offer a 30-day refit guarantee for worn or unworn purchases.


School Rewards Program

Athletes Foot love to give back to their community with $5 from every pair of shoes purchased being donated back to registered local schools. They have 20 schools in the local area and donate $10k a year to them!

If your school is not currently on the ‘sponsored’ list, let them know and they can make sure get it added. To find out more you can visit in-store or call them on 9887 3975.


Fitting Tips

With kids spending over 1,500 hours in their school shoes every year, jumping, kicking and running around on multiple surfaces, it is essential to support their developing feet so that they can focus on what’s important – school! Here are a couple of tips from Athletes Foot Owner Bel on getting the perfect fit:

  • Don’t overfit for growth – if you get too much room by the time the shoe fits it is worn out.
  • Flat or flexible feet will need a shoe with more support on the inside of the shoe to stop the foot from overpronating – this will stabilise the body and reduce the chance of discomfort.
  • Rigid or high feet don’t absorb shock very well and need a shoe to absorb the shock and take it out of the ankles/knees.
  • Look for the key features – midfoot shank / strong heel counter and the right width around the forefoot.
  • Ascent is the only School Shoe recommended by Podiatrists and is a sports shoe in disguise.
  • Clarks are excellent school shoes – very durable with lots of widths to make sure you get the perfect fitting.
  • Young feet are quite soft and largely comprised of cartilage. This means that they can easily be reformed (or potentially deformed) if the shoe doesn’t fit correctly.