Kidsday Premium Kids Cafe, Meadowbank – School Holiday Activities Guide

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Have you been to Kidsday Premium Kidscafe? We are a premium kids cafe located in Meadowbank shopping centre.

During these School Holidays, Kidsday is happy to offer “Free adult entry & Free coffee” for RDM members!

Please show your Instagram or FB page at the reception to redeem this benefit.

Promotion Period: Monday 28 September to Friday 9 October (weekdays only).


As registered COVID Safe business, this is what we do for our customers (below). We have adopted all COVID-safety plan strategies and all of our staff understand the rules very clearly!

✔ Temperature Check at the entry

✔ Sanitizing Hands before entry

✔QR code visitor check-in

✔ Washing hands before & after playing

✔ Non-stop cleaning with Eco-friendly cleaning products

✔ Daily Disinfection fogging sessions


Let’s play & worry-free at least when you are playing at Kidsday!


Summary of Kidsday Play Themes:

  • Ball-pit
  • Kids Dressing room
  • Kidsday Supermarket
  • Kidsday Vet clinic
  • Kids Kitchen
  • Digging Zone
  • Climbing Tunnel
  • Big & Small Slides
  • Fishing Boat
  • Veggie Farm
  • Baby Play Zone


Please visit Kidsday Instagram for more info:

Phone: 0401 000 213