Top 7 Linen Closet Organisation Hacks

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A tidy linen closet can bring a surprising amount of joy, especially when putting things away doesn’t require any kind of shoving. We’ve compiled some top tips for creating a linen closet that is not only functional but possibly even beautiful too!

It’s time to say goodbye

Come on, you know you’ve got too much in there. And you know that having closet space feels a thousand times better than having 22 old towels ‘just in case’. As a general rule, this should suffice in terms of linen requirements per person:

  • 2 towels per person
  • 2 towels for guests
  • 2 sets of sheets/ Donna covers per bed
  • 2 bath mats per bathroom

Would you feel better about getting rid of some stuff knowing it could be recycled? Here’s a link to an article we recently wrote on recycling almost everything including towels, linen, and other bedding.

Label shelves

Have you heard the phrase ‘a home for everything and everything in its’ place’? It’s a great summary of the basic foundations of home organisation. In the instance of a linen closet, labels are the home for the items! Pay for fancy ones or print some with a Dymo labeler – either way, it’s a great idea to get labeling. Suggested labels might include beach towels, guest towels, kids’ towels, king / queen / single / cot sheets, doonas, pillows, bathmats, hand towels, table cloths, and tea towels.

Mesh baskets

The beauty of baskets is that they keep items whether they’re supposed to be rather than them sliding and merging into each other. Mesh baskets are best so you can see what’s inside at a glance without having to rummage through the basket.

The pillowcase method

The pillowcase method is one for the fanatics but will apparently change your life and it’s pretty simple! How to do it: neatly fold your sheet sets up and place them inside the pillow case that comes with the set. Super easy and super organised.

Learn once and for all how to fold a fitted sheet!

This one has eluded many of us but we all know, deep down, that learning to fold a fitted sheet would definitely save space in the linen closet and look a lot prettier too! Here’s a guide on how to do it.


Spread the bedding

Instead of jam-packing the linen closest, consider putting the kid’s bedding in their closest or in shallow boxes under their beds. When it comes time to change their bedding everything will be right there!

Vacuum Seal

Big items like doonas and blankets can be vacuum sealed and stored in the garage or shed. There’s no point taking up precious linen space with items you don’t need for months at a time!





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