The Ultimate Discount Shop Just Opened at Top Ryde Shopping Centre

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Who doesn’t love a good discount shop? We were a bit TOO excited to check out Priceland, which recently opened at Top Ryde City Shopping Centre. Its new home is where the chemist used to be, behind the food court LG1.   

Priceland is choc-a-bloc full of everything we mums could ever need. Here are some of our favourite things about it.



Party Section

The party section is not only really well stocked but the pricing is good too. Here we found:

  • colour-themed party equipment (party bags, bunting, balloons, plates, party bags, cutlery, streamers etc) in blue, pink, green, yellow, gold and more. 
  • helium balloons, which they can blow up in store at very affordable prices)
  • blow-up-at-home balloons including letters, numbers, words, animals, mermaids, sports, dancing, special age birthdays, unicorns, trucks – just to name a few!
  • plenty of cards and wrapping paper
  • huge selection of candles to decorate the cake
  • cardboard in lots of colours plus glitter foam board
  • don’t forget to get a pinata while you are there too! 



Easter Section

At the moment the ‘hot section’ would have to be the Easter supplies aisle. If you have an Easter hat parade to prepare for then this shop is your go too! You’ll be giddy with the choice and selection. There are:

  • little chicks
  • eggs
  • hats
  • mini mushrooms
  • bunnies
  • hollow eggs to fill with treats
  • little fences
  • grass
  • so much more..!



Everything Else

Of course, they also have all the usual discount store favourites such as

  • Stickers galore (gems, sparkly stickers, craft stickers and more)
  • Hair elastics, headbands, bows, clips and wonderfully, in all the local school colours (navy, light blue, yellow, red, dark green and white)
  • a travel section
  • storage section/baskets
  • electrical, gardening
  • glassware
  • kitchen & bathroom supplies


Getting There

Priceland is located on LG1 at Top Ryde City Shopping Centre behind the food court.