Terrys Creek Waterfall Walk – Epping/Eastwood

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Terrys Creek is a beautiful bushland reserve that sprawls across Eastwood and Epping, with many entry and exit points. It’s not only a great spot for a bushwalk, but it’s also home to a stunning waterfall that comes alive after a big downpour of rain.

Located in the middle of the creek, the waterfall is perfectly placed for watching the water run off and down the creek. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this fantastic natural landscape. Enjoy the local flora and fauna from lizards to frogs, owls to parrots and much more!

Some recent improvements and upgrades to Terrys Creek walk, made by City of Ryde and City of Parramatta have made it a little more accessible and usable. There are now sections of boardwalks, better signage and easier creek crossings.

Named after the first mayor of Eastwood, Edward Terry, Terrys Creek is an important waterway that flows into the Lane Cove River. How wonderful it is to have such a beautiful pocket of rare unspoiled bushland right next door to suburbia.

Note: Terrys Creek is not pram friendly, there are stairs and some slippery parts so young kids under 3-4 will need assistance. If it has recently rained, the ground can be muddy and slippery, and there could be some puddles present too. Consider bringing a towel or change of clothes for the ride home.


Accessing the Waterfall

There are several access points depending on if you’d like a longer walk or would like to get to the waterfall quicker.

Quickest Waterfall Access

For a 1-minute walk to access the waterfall, you can head down the stairs on Anembo Place, Eastwood. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left and you will soon see and hear the waterfall. 

Prefer something longer with more bushwalking?

The best access is from the Epping side where you have a few choices.

  • Starting points: Vimiera Park (cnr Albuera Road and Essex Street, Epping) or Abuklea Road, Epping
  • Option 1 – 1.5km Essex Street to Pembroke Street – approx 40 mins with kids
  • Option 2 – 1.5km from Essex Street to the Cascade – approx 40 mins with kids
  • Option 3 – 7 km for Abuklea Road to Browns Waterhole – approx 3hrs & 20 mins (not recommended for younger kids)