Managing Screen Time and Fighting – Top Tips from The Northern Centre

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During this challenging time, The Northern Centre has continued to provide their clients and the community with ongoing support and resources. The Family Team have provided invaluable support for families, in managing the change in family dynamics that many families were experiencing during the pandemic.

Below are two extracts from our most recent newsletters, which we hope you will find useful. You can view further topics in our monthly online newsletters for ‘My Tiny Tot’, ‘My Little Angel’ and ‘My Terrific Teen’ here.


Online Safety Resources for Parents

The endless battle over kids and screen time, does it sound familiar with you? Most schools require students to use technology for homework so we can’t remove access to screens from our home. So instead of avoiding the realities of modern life, we have to manage the risks around our kids. As a parent in the digital age, we have a great responsibility to teach our kids how to live with technology responsibly.

Here is Online Safety Resources for Parents that will help you monitor and protect your child online.


How to get your kids to stop fighting?

Who lives in a household where everyone gets along? One minute our kids are best friends and the next they’re screaming at each other. We sometimes feel like we’re living in the war zone and don’t know what the appropriate discipline should be. 

Maggie Dent and parenting author and educator Justin Coulson talk about ways to stop sibling fighting and to encourage your kids to get along with each other.

Click here to listen to this 20-minute podcast from Parental as Anything. 

If you are struggling with your current housing situation we can help you to either remain within your current home or help you find more affordable and sustainable accommodation.

And for parents and carers; please reach out for some support to manage family life, as the past months have been stressful with an increase in anxiety across the community and some family support might be just what you need to get back on track.

You can contact the team at The Northern Centre on 9334 0111