Paediatric, Pre/Post Partum & Geriatric Physiotherapy – Salveo Care, Top Ryde City

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By Jessica Matthews, RDM cofounder


I got quite the surprise when visiting Archie (practice Director) and his team at Salveo Care in Top Ryde City Shopping Centre. I went as a patient but also with my RDM hat on as Salveo Care has just opened and is looking to spread the word! Well, it was SO refreshing to learn about their philosophy, being to ensure EVERYONE has access to the care they need. Their aim is to promote a healthy life where you are in control, and they are committed to improving quality of life – the way you want it.

I loved hearing from Archie about the respect and admiration he has for his team, in particular his two lead physiotherapists, Jessica Lo and William Lee. 

Jessica is a registered Physiotherapist, International Lactation Consultant and specialises in women’s health and paediatrics. In addition to completing her studies in Physiotherapy and Women’s Health studies, Jessica has completed professional training in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Oncology. You can read more about Jessica and William’s experience and training here

Salveo Care Wellness Centre does not only focus on Physiotherapy services. Fitted into the clinic is an audiology booth ran by the team at Precision Hearing. Appointments can be made for hearing assessments, cochlear implants and much more.

Having had a long career in the healthcare industry over a broad range of health fields, Archie has a deep understanding of what’s important to patients and healthcare professionals alike. That’s why when his wife had a poor postnatal experience after her traumatic birth, which led to postnatal depression, he knew things needed to change.

As a parent, Archie recognises how hard and often inaccessible health services an be for mums and has therefore designed Salveo Care to be can accessible, affordable one-stop-shop for anyone who needs care.

Salveo is the Latin word for to be well and in good health and this is how he wants his patients to feel.

What’s on Offer

Salveo Care is a wellness centre that focuses on women’s health and paediatric physiotherapy – their large range of specialised services include:

  • Women’s Health and Pregnancy
  • Lactation Physiotherapy and Consulting
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Paediatrics
  • Elderly Care
  • General Physiotherapy
  • Psychology Services
  • Dietetics and Nutrition
  • Speech and Hearing (not only can they do audiology testing but also you can buy any hearing aids or assistance directly through them!). They offer this service for babies, kids and adults with their custom built booth
  • Oncology Rehabilitation
  • Lymphoedema Management
  • Post Mastectomy Rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy Management for Osteoperosis
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Chest Physiotherapy

Home Visits

HOW ABOUT THIS! Salveo Care offers home visits with NO extra call out fee. There is a single fee of $120 and they provide this service within 15km from Top Ryde. You can also use your private health care to further reduce this cost or GP approved plans.

Typically, physios charge $80-100 for a call out fee plus the consult of $120. 


Salveo Care is NDIS registered and assists both agency-managed participants as well as participants that self-manage their plan or manage their plan with plan management services.

Opening Specials

  • No gap/FREE first assessment and appointment
  • Complimentary coffee voucher after a visit
  • $4 off Bahn Mi at Top Ryde Bakehouse (Archie is buddies with the owner and hey presto – the best Bahn Mi in town is suddenly even better with $4 off!)

Dedicated Kids Area

Salveo Care has created a very clever assessment area for children – they have set up mats with some kids toys and books in a large open space and this is where your child is assessed while they naturally play and move about. It means the physiotherapist can see your child as they would normally behave, rather than in an anxious state that a clinical environment with a closed door might trigger. Often kids will have their physio work done there too, meaning I can be done at their level using the toys and mats to encourage the exercises and motivate them.

Coming Soon – Mat Pilates and Birth Ball Classes

From early December, Salveo Care will be offering Mat Pilates in their clinic at Top Ryde (suitable for all ages, fitness levels and pre or post pregnancy). They will also be offering birth ball classes – either private lessons or you can come with a friend. These specialists pregnancy classes are led by physiotherapist Jessica Lo who has a very long and impressive resume when it comes to Women’s Physiotherapy! Added bonus – she’s a local mum with 2 young girls.

Our Thoughts

I was lucky enough to get an appointment with Jessica (name twin!). I came in with a complaint regarding my elbow but she also gave me the once over to see if I had any other issues she could help with. During my time with her, I learned about Salveo Care and her background/experience.

I found Jessica very thorough and attentive. She left no stone unturned, explaining everything she was doing and why – the benefits to each technique and what can be done moving forward. Her office was also really nice and inviting. She even had lovely relaxing music playing, beautiful artwork and lovely comfortable bed to complete our care. Thank you Jessica!