RDM Visits: Holy Cross College Ryde

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Choosing a high school for your child is not an easy decision! Research is the key to ensuring we make the best possible decision for our child and family. This is where school tours come into their own because what better way to get a feel for a school than seeing the school for yourself and hearing from current students.

This is exactly what we did at Holy Cross College Ryde and you can too at their Open Day on Sunday 3rd March, 2024 from 10am – 1pm with the Principal’s address at 11.30amBe taken on a guided tour around the school by a year 7 and year 11 or 12 student who can give you an in-depth understanding of what the school has to offer. Register online via the College webpage.

Here’s what we discovered during our tour of the college.


Set on 10.5ha of land on the corner of Victoria Road and Cressy Road, Ryde, Holy Cross College was founded 130 years ago by The Patrician Brothers. Arriving from Ireland in 1883, The Brothers opened a Boarding College at Ryde in 1891. The College moved to its present site in 1896 – no doubt you would recognise the beautiful sandstone building as you drive down Victoria Road.

The Grounds

The expansive grounds of Holy Cross College are impressive:

  • the gardens are immaculately manicured
  • the quadrangles are oh-so tidy and in perfect condition
  • the learning spaces are set in a beautiful combination of elegant heritage and ultra-modern buildings
  • the sports fields are huge and lush and include tennis and basketball courts; cricket net facilities; soccer and rugby grounds with change rooms, seating and floodlights; extensive off-road parking areas with security lighting; and extensive play areas for each year group including seating, paved and shaded areas.
  • the classrooms are thoughtfully laid out
  • the beautiful chapel seats 500 where mass is held for the students every Wednesday

Academic Focus

Each year, Holy Cross College takes pride in welcoming back the prior years’ high-achieving HSC students to an assembly at which they’re presented with an award to be displayed in the assembly hall for all to witness. The ceremony has an important role in highlighting and affirming successful academic results. This year Holy Cross welcomed back 15 Distinguished Achievers.

Learning Program

The learning program at Holy Cross caters to all types of learners and aims to develop well-rounded students. They offer a large variety of traditional and elective subjects, giving every student a pathway to tertiary study, post-school training, and work. Their design, technology, and hospitality streams are popular amongst students, as are music and the arts.

A selective academic stream also allows gifted students to be immersed in a culture of success. Holy Cross targets the learning of gifted and talented boys by offering specialised activities designed to develop their talents and expand their capacity to learn. Teachers provide individual education plans for boys displaying exceptional academic talents.

Their state-of-the-art learning and technology facilities provide the ideal learning environment for students to make the most of their individual potential.

Music Program

HCC is proud to offer the Amadeus Music program in its music education. The program provides ensures all students in years 7 and 8 learn an instrument, with choices from a variety of brass and string instruments.

The opportunity to learn a musical instrument where individual performance, membership of stage bands, choirs and other musical groups are encouraged will have many flow-on effects including strengthing neural pathways, improving confidence, discipline, memory and more.

Cadet Program

Holy Cross College is a proud member school of the Australian Army Cadets (ACC), a program that has been part of the College’s tradition as far back as 1909, running until 1974, then reintroduced again in 2019. Holy Cross College is the only systemic Catholic School to offer a school-based Cadet Unit in NSW.

The Australia-wide program has more than 18,500 Cadets aged between 12 and 17, 126 of whom are from HCC.

With activities such as drills, ceremonial parades, abseiling, watermanship, navigation, fieldcraft and first aid, the cadet program provides opportunities for students to develop self-confidence, resilience, leadership skills, self-reliance, teamwork, respect and discipline. It will challenge them in ways they may not get elsewhere.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme runs concurrently with the College Cadet program and is open to non-cadet students.

Open Day Tour

We absolutely recommend you visit Holy Cross College on their Open Day on Sunday 3rd March, 2024 from 10am – 1pm to receive a tour of this beautiful school.

You can book your tour here

The Details

Address: 517 Victoria Road, Ryde, NSW, 2112

Phone: 9808 1033

Email: info@hccryde.catholic.edu.au

Website: www.holycrosscollege.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hccryde