Pre and Post Natal Bootcamp at Ryde Park – With a FREE Nanny service!

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By Rebecca Lee


After baby, you just feel so bleh. This beautiful, incredible miracle goo’s and gaa’s before you and you’re flooded with so many emotions – each contradicting the one before it. Motherhood is never spending more time at home, but being busier than ever. Having a constant companion on your hip but feeling so alone. Being empowered by birthing a human yet feeling the need to nod off at 4pm daily. 🤯🤯!!!


Just like the sentiments above, I had recently learned that exercising promotes more energy (but how?). So when I was asked if I would like to come along to the iBelieve Fitness Mummy Bootcamp in Ryde Park and let you all know what I thought about it, I thought I knew what I expected to find. Exercising on the oval, whilst we held endless planks and the trainer barked orders.

Here’s what I didn’t expect to find:

  • Supportive and very human trainers who encourage you to work at your pace, adjusting the exercises according to your fitness level.
  • Nanny Julie, who uses her go-go gadget arms to rock 3 babies to sleep simultaneously while watching the toddlers
  • A friendly and welcoming bunch of ladies who come in all ages and stages, shapes, sizes and abilities. I felt very at home and comfortable the whole time.



So perhaps like me, you’ve enjoyed a few too many COVID cakes or your body might not look the same as it did pre-baby. Gift yourself the time to pause, take in the fresh air and connect with other humans. I believe you will find it energising, fulfilling and wonderfully rewarding.


iBelieve Fitness specialises in helping busy mums return to fitness with a free sideline Nanny Service. Their workouts that are always different, fun and challenging to get you results – classes offered cover strength, cardio, agility, circuit, abs/butts and boxing. Being Pre and Post Natal trained AND parents themselves, they’ll help you get strong and fit with loads of session options to suit your busy family life including: 

  • Mummy Bootcamp with FREE on-Site Nanny Service, Ryde Park – EVERY WEEK DAY at 930am!
  • Sunrise Squad, Night Squad, Boxing Squad, Ryde Park
  • Sat Squad, Ryde Park

Contact iBelieve today for a FREE WEEKS TRIAL!