Navigating Nightlights

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Night lights- they’re small but provide the BIG benefit of helping kids feel comforted in the dark (hopefully resulting in more sleep or at the very least, more time in their own bed!)

But when grabbing one, which colour? While blue and green may seem like calming, restful colours, research now shows ‘warmer’ colours are better as they have no negative effect on sleep and melatonin production. But what about the shape of the light? Should you go cordless or are batteries a hassle? Can it play music? Tell the time? What’s an ideal size? Does it diffuse essential oils and can it remember who your favourite Spice Girl was growing up? (Ha!)

We hear you: choosing a nightlight can sometimes feel like entering the show bag pavilion without a plan, so below are a few types out there, all non-sponsored but all tried and tested!


One job, no fuss and cheap.

And motion-sensored which is a plus. ($5)

White light only. From Kmart. More info here.

Another version of this from Big W can be found here. ($9) With this one, you can change the direction of the light.

Portable (Battery-Powered)

Here’s one from Bunnings that is battery powered. Super handy if your bub has sleepovers with the grandparents or if there’s no option of electric ports on offer. (Can be hung too). $16.90

Note: It goes without saying that caution should be applied, as small batteries look like a fun toy to bubs.

More info here.


A light that plays music, diffuses calming essential oils and would probably cook you breakfast if you ask it nicely.

Definitely on the pricey side at $99, the Glow Dreaming night light boasts a very cool list of functions: Mist, pink noise and different light settings.

This one boasts that it was designed using research from NASA and a key sleep technician was also used.

More info here.



Just squeeze this cutie to activate. You can adjust brightness and there is a rechargeable internal battery.

An additional perk is the USB charging cable. (29.99)

More info here.


Keeping with a room’s theme

For when you’ve just spent a tonne of time shaping your little one’s room and it hurts to plonk just any old light in there.

These lights from Adairs are battery powered but have an awesome range to suit most themes. ($27.99)

More info here.


For early risers

The Gro Clock is a popular favourite and shows pictures of stars or a big sun to show whether it’s ‘sleep’ time or ‘wake-up’ time. The newest models also have a built-in storytime.

Especially helpful for the kids who have a 5am wake-up call. (Currently $30 at Big W)

More info here.


Bluetooth and remote control (!)

The future has arrived (unless you ask your high-school kids, who will kindly inform you it’s been around for ageeeees).

This nightlight from Temple and Webster will play anything from your smartphone, comes with remote control and has a range of lights. ($42.95)

More info here.


Despite the fun appearance, this light from Bunnings is thankfully less ‘rave’ and more ‘relaxing’. ($28) More info here.

Another projector light from Kmart for $20 can be found here. One of our favourite features is that it turns itself off after 30 minutes.

Ikea Favourite

It wouldn’t be right to have a list that didn’t feature something from our Swedish mates at IKEA. A winner in our house is the $29 ‘Solskur’ light. This has a low voltage and no sharp edges, and no small parts.

A personal fave is that it also doesn’t heat up, so even if it’s left on all night, no hot surfaces to worry about.

The website also states that this lamp is approved for children aged 3 to 14.

More info here.



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