Make Ahead With Trace: Mashed Potato. Yep, Mash!

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Tracey Lynch


Ok, so giving you a recipe for mashed potato is probably like telling you how breath right? But what if I can give you a tip to ensure that you always have mashed potato on hand and ready to eat in under 10 minutes?

First, make your mash. You know, the good old-fashioned way… peel and chop the spuds, boil in salt water, drain, mash with milk and butter.

Now the bit that transforms this from carb heaven to ‘make ahead carb heaven’ and the essential ingredient to making sure your mash doesn’t end up with freezer burn, separate or crystallise – a vacuum sealer! The vacuum sealer brand I use is Orved (see pic below).

Just cool your mash, vacuum and freeze! And if you are clever and flatten out the bags to freeze flat, you’ll be making the most of your freezer space too!

This will last a good few months in your freezer and will be ready to reheat at a moment’s notice.

Reheating is a breeze. Simply pop into a microwave-safe container and zap for a few moments, remove from microwave, stir then zap again until completely heated through. Or if your vacuum bags are suitable, you could get all fancy and sous vide the bag in a water bath to reheat.

Bon Appetit!

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