Meadowbank Multipurpose Learning Centre – Childcare With a Difference

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Looking for childcare or know someone who is? Meadowbank Multipurpose Learning Centre could just be the perfect option for your child.  

Meadowbank Multipurpose Learning Centre is a high-quality childcare centre boasting beautiful grounds and a culturally and linguistically diverse service.

Their outdoor area is large and spacious, providing children with plenty of space to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape and sunshine. Unlike other services, the centre features natural buffalo grass, perfect for wiggly toes to enjoy and feel a variety of sensory experience. It also boasts native trees and bushes, fauna (especially birds, lizards, possums), soft fall for the play equipment, artificial grass, shaded areas, sand, soil and rocks. 



  • Educators work closely with the Early Years Learning Framework to ensure that all children experience a sense of being, belonging and becoming.
  • MMLC value the principles, practices and outcomes associated with identity, community, well- being, learning and communication.
  • MMLC believe in utilising each child’s knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests to build the curriculum.
  • They believe that the holistic child is capable, resourceful and resilient and that each child should be encouraged to contribute to our services decision-making processes.
  • MMLC believe this empowerment inspires children to be active participants in their own learning and to develop meaningful relationships with their peers, their educators and their community.
  • They endeavour to take children and their families into account when understanding how cultures, values and experiences influence and lead development.
  • MMLC believe it is important to value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and promote an anti-bias and multicultural environment and encourage acceptance of our culturally diverse community. 



Meadowbank MLC prides itself on wholesome home-style cooking made with love. All meals are made fresh each day on site, and their menu follows the Australian Dietary Guidelines. They also cater to the fussy eater and diet restrictive children, such as allergies and those with cultural preferences.

MMLC monitor each child’s intake, and use very creative and encouraging techniques to inspire children to try and eat!


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Phone9808 2692

Address: Corner of Belmore & Thistle Street, Ryde, adjacent to Meadowbank Public

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7am to 6pm, closed public holidays


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