5 Reasons to Go a Little Vegan This Christmas + Recipes!

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by Kate Sawtschuk of NoMeatAndThreeVeg


For those who think that vegan food is all about hipsters (I’m vegan and I’m not one), expensive and trendy food fads (acai or maca powder don’t feature in my world) and deprivation (I’m pretty sure #dessertforbreakfast was created by vegans), think again! It can be easy to prepare, indulgent and impressive – perfect for the festive season.

So, whether you’re trying to eat less meat, attempting to eat more healthily or just curious about different types of dishes to include on your Christmas table, check out the reasons below followed by the recipes!

1. Vegan food is generally lighter than traditional Christmas food rich with meat and dairy, and easier on your digestion. This means that you can cram in more food on Christmas day, because after all is it really Christmas if you have gone for more than 30 minutes without eating?

2. Overall, it is healthier. If you’re going to consume vast amounts of food washed down with copious amounts of alcohol, it might as well be vaguely nutritious!

3. It is inclusive of everyone. Even die-hard carnivores and those with allergies to milk, eggs and seafood can enjoy it. Totally on board with Christmas spirit of kindness to your health, animals and the planet!

4. It’s really, really yummy. I’ve been cooking and eating it for a long time, and the only people ever to dislike any of my food are my kids and c’mon, we all know kids reject most food. Seriously, check out the pics below!

5. It’s easy and often cheaper. How cool is it that you can make an impressive and decadent dessert only with the use of your blender and freezer?! And you can spend the money you save at Kmart – don’t pretend you won’t!


Here are some great recipes I have made and loved:


Sun-dried tomato, mushroom and spinach tofu quiche

Recipe here


THE best vegan sausage rolls

Recipe here


Red lentil koftas

Recipe here


General Tso’s Tofu

Recipe here


Raw chocolate ganache cake

Recipe here


Raw strawberry vanilla cheesecake

Recipe here


The best vegan brownies

Recipe here


Vegan sponge cake

Recipe here


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