Jess’s Newborn & New Mum Must-Haves

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By Jessica Matthews, RDM Co-Founder

Having recently been pregnant I thought it would be a great time to share some of my favourite items for newborns and postpartum mums. I’ve also written about my Top 7 Pregnancy Must-Haves which you can read here.

Must-Haves For Mum

Silverettes – Have you heard of these? They are game-changers! It is all I have used for nipple care since birth. Even when I had some extensive damage I only used my Silverettes. there are two types, I got the ones with the silicone ring so they sit nicely on the skin. The silver has antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal benefits. Use code: selfcare23 (valid till 10th September 2023 for a 15% discount). Read about them here.

Peri Bottle -This is fantastic for post-labor to fill with warm water and spray down below when you go to the toilet or for self-cleaning. You could also use it on c-section areas once you can get the area wet. It’s very hygienic and gentle. When I bought it I thought it might be a waste of money but I was surprised by how handy it was to have! Mine is from Bubba Bump but there are heaps of options around.

Milky Goodness – I have used Milky Goodness lactation cookies and also their lactation hot chocolate. I have found one cookie a day ensures I have had great supply for breastfeeding. In the early weeks if I skipped a day I could really tell so I found these important and they also taste great! Options include gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free varieties as well. My favourite are the Caramilk and raspberry (this one is dairy and soy-free), it has a soft raspberry-filled centre! Use code: RDM15 for a 15% discount. See their range here.

Maternity Bras – For more support, I love the maternity bras that have flexiwire. The Hot Milk brand is my favourite. They regularly have sales and if you order the wrong size you can send it back for free. Their customer service is amazing – you can even send photos of yourself in their bra and they’ll make fitting suggestions. My favourite bras of theirs are the Temptation and the My Necessity bra – it’s like a crop so great for home days or under PJs – this one doesn’t have wire. Find them here.

For a feeding singlet, the best I’ve found is the ModiBodi ones. They can hold liquid so you don’t need nursing pads and offer 2 cup size options (I find most singlets are designed for small cup sizes so they aren’t comfy when you have a larger bust). They are super soft and comfortable with adjustable straps. Use code: RYDEMUMS for 15% off when you spend $100 and shop via this link.

Nappy Trolley – Making yourself a nappy trolley that you can easily move around the house is the best tips I”ve gotten. You can include whatever you like, but in mine I have the Spectra S1 Breast Pump, and Mumilk Ella wearable breast pumps (I mainly use the Spectra S1 and it’s a fabulous pump but I have the wearables for when I need 2 hands free or when out of the house or traveling).

It’s also the place I keep my lactation cookies, nappies, wipes, nappy rash cream, baby hair brush, spare burp clothes (the plain square white towels you can buy at Big W here), a spare change mat in case I’m not in the babies room, Haakaa ladybug for let down and of course, a water bottle or cup for me as hydration is so important when breastfeeding. My trolley is from IKEA and you can see it here.

Must-Haves For Baby

Stretchy Baby Wraps – My absolute favourite for these are Snuggle Hunny Kids. They are made with organic cotton and have some beautiful prints. They are also a great size at 100 x 100cm so they give a good amount of space for you to make a baby burrito!

Jersey Sheets for Cot/Bassinet – Again I purchased these from Snuggle Hunny Kids. They are so soft and cozy – I find cotton sheets are cold, especially in the cooler weather. These are stretchy so they fit mattresses more easily and wash so well like the wraps mentioned above. They also make adorable milestone cards and clothes (we are growing quite the Snuggle Hunny Kids collection!). They regularly have specials or promotions so offer not only excellent quality but also great value. It’s also a local Sydney-based business. View all their products here.

Ergo Pouch – I like all things Ergo as they are TOG-rated. This means you can easily see what TOG your baby needs for the pouch based on the temperature. You can use them with arms in when they are little and gradually transition to arms out. I also like that they are made with organic fabrics. Often, you can find some near-new ones on Facebook Marketplace as babies only use them for a short period of time due to growth in the early months.

Bassinet and Cot Mattress – With my first baby she went straight into a cot in her room as we lived in a unit so she was so close to us anyway. This time around I got a bassinet so I could have the baby in my room and I did a lot of research into looking for a mattress that was low-tox for both the bassinet and also the cot. Did you know all mattresses bought into Australia from overseas are sprayed? Kangaroo Bedding is made in Victoria and their mattresses are SIDS-approved (important to me), the latex used is 100% natural and organic, and cotton is unbleached and Australian-grown. Added bonus – they are a lovely small business and great to deal with. They also make custom sizes should you need them and delivery from Victoria was easy. I got the latex gold cot mattress and the premium bassinet mattress. View their mattresses here, and email the company if you need to ask a question. I found them very prompt and helpful.

Nappies and Wipes – Where possible I try to make low-tox choices for my family. For my baby I use Tooshie’s brand (not the water wipes as there is a toxic ingredient) –  the aloe and chamomile wipes and their nappies. Amazon seems to sell them at the best price, which is where I order them from. You can start a subscription to save 15% and have the delivery date for whenever suits you, plus you can edit it or cancel. I also keep my eye on Chemist Warehouse in case they are on sale.

Shampoo/Body Wash/Lotion and nappy cream – Again, low-tox and avoiding harsh chemicals are top of mind when selecting these types of products that are applied directly to my baby’s skin. I love Weleda – their products are an 11/10, in my opinion! I wait till they are on sale either directly with them or through a distributor such as Healthy Life. Check out their skin food range for yourself!

Baby Glider – After much research, I got the Joie Sansa as it doubles as a glider and rocker (you can take the seat part off). It’s compact, has great movement for the baby (side to side and back and forth), plays music, and runs on batteries or via an AC adapter. I got mine off Facebook Marketplace so it was a real bargain so definitely shop around. I love that it doesn’t take up a lot of room and has 3 recline positions so it can change as your baby grows. Find it here.

Nail Clippers – The most stressful job when you have a newborn is clipping nails! However, if you get the Nail Snail Baby Nail Trimmer you just made your job 10 times easier. Essentially it uses a V trimmer to glide across the top of the nail so you’re no snipping is required and therefore no cutting of skin! It’s so easy to use and a 100% must-have. I got mine from Amazon.

White Noise Machine – Essential in my opinion! I have both the Sleep Assist Pro and On the Go Nodiee. There are dozens of different sound and light options and are easy to charge and use. They regularly have sales so wait for this. Find them here.