Grow & Tell – Speech and OT Therapy, Rhodes

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We visited Grow & Tell speech and occupational therapy clinic at their new location in Rhodes. This comprehensive clinic offers a range of specialised services for children aged 1-16 years, both privately and through the NDIS.

Light and bright with 12 well-equipped rooms, the clinic was filled with friendly and experienced therapists, all with the same goal of providing the highest quality support to clients. We learned that this neuroaffirming service prides itself on a family-centered approach, providing a supportive and engaging environment for both children and their families.

Relocation – OT and Speech Therapy now under one roof

Last October, Grow & Tell relocated to Suite 3, 1A Homebush Bay Drive, Rhodes, combining its 2 former clinic locations in Ryde and Rhodes. This has facilitated easier access for clients needing both speech and occupational therapy services with both services now being offered under the one roof.

They’ve also gained much-needed space and rooms to expand their offering, ensuring a holistic approach to each child’s development, and making it more convenient for families to receive comprehensive care in one location.

Additionally, families can now benefit from 3 hours of free parking at the nearby Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre, making visits to the clinic hassle-free. Access to Grow & Tell is via the footbridge near Sky Phoenix Restaurant.

The new location also benefits from large sun-lit rooms, pram access, a lovely outdoor area, pool and gym use during sessions for clients and 8 toilets!

Current Availability

Due to the recent move and expansion, Grow & Tell Rhodes is keen to share that they currently have NO waitlist during school hours, which is rare for Speech and OT services. With 12 rooms in operation and another one being added soon, they can offer timely access to their essential services. For non-school hours, there is a short waitlist but it’s most definitely worth getting in touch.


Being able to offer innovative pool-based therapy is a huge benefit for clients of Grow & Tell. Hydrotherapy sessions are run in a nearby indoor heated pool, where children engage in therapeutic activities that promote relaxation, motor skills, and sensory integration. This multi-sensory approach can be particularly beneficial for children needing sensory regulation and motor development support.

Neuroaffirming Practices

Grow & Tell believes in a strengths and rights-based approach to developmental differences and aims to provide support and adaptations that affirm the child’s neurodivergent identity. They accept and value different ways of thinking, learning and experiencing the world and supporting children as they present. This approach fosters a positive environment for therapy.

Family and Client-focused

Dedicated to fostering strong relationships between therapists and families, Grow & Tell has created a supportive and welcoming atmosphere where children can thrive. Sessions are tailored to the individual needs and moods of each child, ensuring a client-centred approach that adapts to their preferences and engagement levels on any given day. The therapists at Grow & Tell bring years of experience and a fun, engaging approach to therapy. Their goal is to make sessions enjoyable and effective for each child.

How do I know if my child needs therapy?

You or a teacher, Doctor, family member or friend might have noticed that your child is having difficulty with talking or listening. About 10 to 12 per cent of children will present language or speech delay. Grow & Tell will assess your child to determine if they have a difficulty or delay using standardised speech and language assessment tools.

This assessment identifies where your child may be having specific difficulties or delays with developing language or communication skills compared to their peers of the same age. It can also form part of a process for obtaining NDIS funding, should you require it.

Visit the Grow & Tell website to download their complimentary speech tracking checklist.

School Holiday Social Skills Groups

During the school holidays, the clinic runs 3 social skills groups for different age ranges (5-10 years and 10-13 years). These sessions focus on turn-taking, sharing, body awareness, personal space, visual and verbal strategies, and frustration tolerance. Each session is designed to be a safe space for children to develop essential social skills. For more information visit their website.

The Details

  • Address: Ground floor, Suite 3, 1A Homebush Bay Drive, Rhodes – via the pedestrian footbridge near Sky Phoenix Restaurant
  • Parking: Rhodes waterside (3 hours free)
  • Phone: 1300 848 795
  • Appointments available: Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm
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