Clever Fox Education

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Primary and high school kids can get a head start in their education and take part in expert selective/scholarship/NAPLAN/ICAS writing and English tutoring via Zoom. Clever Fox Education was established in 2015.

Classes are designed and taught by Amber Fox – a teacher with 25 years of experience – who has written & reviewed NAPLAN and UNSW ICAS tests.

Fun facts about Clever Fox Education

  • $4 000 000 in scholarships to private schools across Australia
  • 90% of students gain entry to top selective schools across Australia
  • 90% of students score in the top triangle or top band in NAPLAN Writing, English and Language Conventions
  • 95% of students earn High Distinctions or Distinctions in ICAS Writing and English

Writing Tutoring
Years 2-10 expert, specialist writing tutoring for primary and high school. Classes designed and taught by experienced, post graduate qualified teachers who have written & reviewed NAPLAN and ICAS exams. Clever Fox students have obtained full scholarships to prestigious private schools across Australia, gained entry to selective high schools, scored in the top triangle for NAPLAN, been awarded ICAS medals and won national and international writing competitions!

English Tutoring
Years 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 group English classes focusing on comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and editing. Class materials are curated by CEO, Amber Fox, who has written/reviewed NAPLAN and ICAS tests. Classes are taught by Helen Cassar, a highly experienced, current Assistant Principal with qualifications in Gifted and Talented education and ESL.

Holiday Courses
Intensive holiday courses designed to prepare students for selective, scholarship, NAPLAN and ICAS exams.