Bollards Down on Level 1 at Top Ryde Shopping Centre

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Have you ever tried to park near Coles on Level 1 at Top Ryde City Shopping Centre only to find all the best spots are blocked by bollards and are usually empty?

They’ve been permanently reserved for City of Ryde staff as Council has offices in the building as well as council chambers, the call centre, customer service desk and other facilities for which they require the spots. Prior to Coles moving in, these reserved spots weren’t a big deal, but now they’re PRIME spots! And the ladies from Ryde District Mums noticed!

We have some good news for you! Earlier this year, we took some feedback from the Ryde District Mums Facebook Group to Mayor Jerome Laxale about these car spaces, asking if they could be made available given how often they are left vacant.

Following our feedback, Mayor Laxale discussed the situation with council staff and went about working through the legal issues, policies and procedures with consulting with Top Ryde City Management.

Now, we have 14 extra spots 6 days a week to use for easy access grocery shopping! The bollards will stay up on Tuesdays for council meetings. That means if you see the bollards down you can go ahead and park there.

Nice one! A great result for shoppers and big thanks to The Mayor, City of Ryde staff and Top Ryde City management.