Blissful Reformer, Barre, Yoga & Mat Pilates

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Hands up if you’ve been wanting to try out reformer Pilates. That was us when Sarah from The Blissed Out Movement asked us to come in and check out her beautiful studio in Gladesville (just behind Bunnings). Hooray! Just the push we needed!

Her gorgeous studio is decked out in greenery from the floor to the ceiling and glittered with fairy lights – it’s so pretty and zenful that you don’t even notice you’re exercising. It’s pretty much a brand new studio given Sarah only moved into this studio moments before lockdown in June 2021. 

Sarah and her team of highly trained teachers are ready to help anyone from beginners to those with some yogi know-how. They offer reformer pilates, mat pilates, yoga and barre 7 days a week. We have found the 9.30am classes to be perfect for after school / daycare drop off and the evening ones are also really handy for when your partner gets home from work.

The Space

  • The Blissed Out Movement studio is spread across 2 custom-built rooms, starting with lockers and a seating area.
  • As you move through you’ll find the reformer pilates studio with 7 reformer machines.
  • Reformer machines will be set up with the necessary equipment such as balls, weights, boxes, bounce boards, magic circles, therabands and more.
  • The gorgeous evergreen wall covered in fairy lights is so lovely to look at, and of course, the rooms are air-conditioned.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use a reformer bed (like us!), your instructor will guide you through what to do and when to adjust the settings specific to each exercise.
  • Next door is another purpose-built studio decked out with full-length greenery and lights on each side. as well as a barre so you are ready to learn some ballet moves. 
  • There are toilets on site too and parking but we have always been happy to park on College Street and walk in. 

Types of Classes

The Blissed Out Movement offers a range of classes at a range of times –  you can view their timetable here. Below is break down of what they offer:

Reformer Pilates:

  • Increased Core Strength
  • Improved posture
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Decreased Risk of Injury

Learn more about reformer pilates here.

Mat Pilates:

  • Eases neck and back pain
  • Tones entire body
  • Increases focus and brain power
  • Increased mobility
Learn more about mat pilates here.


  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased energy
  • Increased balance

Learn more about mat pilates here.


  • Releases muscles
  • Strengthens the whole body
  • Improves coordination
  • Creates better posture

Learn more about mat pilates here.

RDM Exclusive Offer

  • Mention you’re from RDM and enjoy one week FREE and then sign up for just $39 a week for unlimited classes across Mat Pilates, Barre and yoga.
  • 10% Discount: Code RDM gets you 10% off any reformer pilates purchase and the code rydedistrictmums gets you 10% off any yoga, mat pilates, or barre purchase. Once on the timetable page, you can view the prices for various passes should you wish to use the RDM discount code.

If you’ve looked into dedicated studios like this then you’ll know these are AMAZING prices! ? Timetable found here.

FREE Trial

Blissed offers 2 trial options depending on what classes you’re interested in:

  • one week FREE of mat Pilates, yoga and barre
  • $30 for one week of unlimited reformer Pilates classes

Contact Sarah for more info – you can email her or visit the website.

Our Feedback

We have been doing classes with Sarah and her team for almost 8 months now and really love it. Based on the subtly sore muscles we’ve been feeling, it’s obviously making an impact yet in the class you aren’t dying of exhaustion – instead you are doing controlled movements that are making a difference.

What we love is that the classes are smaller – meaning your teacher can see more of what you are doing and guide you better to get the most out of your workout. The instructors are wonderful at tailoring exercises to everyone’s skill level and injuries, and each move they teach you is purposeful and thought out with a specific reason.

In all the reformer pilates classes we’ve attended so far, no two classes have been the same – yes there is that much variety! Our favourite class is jump/bounce – it is where a bound is added to the footbed (don’t worry if you are new to reformer, an instructor will show you how the reformer bed works and talk to you throughout the class to guide you in its use – it is SUPER EASY!). Jump/bounce is a bit more cardio (in bursts so easily manageable) and lots of fun. You are essentially jumping whilst lying down so it is low impact but still gives you a great workout. Makes us feel a bit like a prima ballerina as you point your toes as you jump and will most likely use the ball at some point too. It really is the best class and we always feel so energised about jump/bounce. 

We intend to continue there so perhaps we will see you there – if so, come and say hi!