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Would your child’s academic performance benefit from a confidence boost?

Let us help them.

A² Tutors is running multiple Maths and Science workshops in the January 2023 holidays to give your child the confidence boost they need to thrive at school. Give them the opportunity to really hit the ground running in 2023! We build an easy-going environment where students feel comfortable to ask questions and seek support in the areas that they need to focus on.

Did your child get all of the individual support they needed to progress in 2022? Most kids don’t! That is why it is so important for them to get a head-start before returning to a new stage syllabus in Term 1. Progression is what we focus on, no matter what stage each student is at. By encouraging and using growth mindset language, we ensure that your child walks out of each session with new learnings and knowledge for them to use in the following school year.


Maths and Science Tutoring Workshops!

A² Tutors is a face-to-face and online tutoring company, bringing individualised lessons to students from K-12 throughout their journey at school!

Learning is a by-product of a student’s confidence, so that is where we start. We work hard to get to know our students and how they learn, so that we can support them in building confidence to progress in their studies. Now, when I say teach, I don’t just mean content. We teach our students skills and strategies that they will benefit from throughout their entire lives.

We know that all a parent wants is to see their child being the best version of themselves. Let us help you, to help them.


School Holiday Workshops

Registrations are now open for our 2023 January Workshops at Top Ryde Library! Visit www.a2tutors.com.au/2023workshops to register.

Spots are limited as we will only be accepting 8 students per group.


What is being offered?

? Year 3-6 Maths Fluency

? Year 7 Maths Readiness

? Year 9-10 Maths Review

? HSC Standard Maths 2

? HSC Biology

? HSC Chemistry


Sessions will be at Top Ryde Library! Each group will have 6 one-hour sessions with their teacher (2 per week).

Your investment for 6 sessions will be:

? $240 for Primary school sessions

? $300 for High school sessions


Mention that you found us on RDM and we will give you a session FREE OF CHARGE! What’s more? Refer a friend and get another session for free ?

The specific dates will be confirmed in December. Given that the group will be small, we are allowing some flexibility whilst we confirm the enrolments. For the moment, we are looking to have a session on Mondays and Wednesdays from January 10 to January 25. The sessions will go for one hour and will be in the morning so the kids can continue to enjoy their holidays!

Don’t miss out and register now!