12 Mummiforms You Know You Wear

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Buckles? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Heels? Don’t even. Let’s face it – times have changed and on-point fashion has moved down the list of priorities. While we may not be on our “A Game” anymore, we have definitely figured out how to be on our “B+ Game” with a few mummiforms that can get us through any parenting situation!


1.The Mum bun

For the other 364 non-salon days of the year.


mum bun


2. Activewear

When the only opportunity for exercise you will get is running as fast as you can away from the daycare at drop off.


3. Knee-length shift dress

Because carbs have been the hero of the dish for the past 4 meals.


4. Stripy top and denim bottoms

Sometimes accidentally matching the kids.




5. Plain black top

From conference to canteen, or boardroom to ball pit in under 60 seconds.


6. Maxi dress and thongs

When you’re trying to keep it classy but you haven’t shaved for weeks and bending down to put proper shoes on is in the too-hard basket.


7. $4 Kmart t-shirt

Because after a few weeks, the cost per wear is in negative, totally justifying that expensive pram you’ve been eyeing off.


mummiforms - kmart clothes


8. Colourful scarf

Change up the scarf and no-one will ever guess you wore that mummiform yesterday.


Colourful scarf



9. Knee-length shorts and flowy top

The middle might jiggle but look, freshly shaved legs!


10. Puffy vest

Baby weight? What baby weight? PLUS – arms must be as unrestricted as possible because for most of the day they will need to carry a child, 4 toys, a handbag and a scooter. Probably simultaneously.


Puffy Vest
See my vest


11. White top and pattern stretchy pants

When you wake up, change out of your pyjamas and put on “day” pyjamas which fortunately are deemed by society as acceptable enough to leave the house in except you have to wear a bra dagnammit.



12. Drapey Cardi

Add to any of the aforementioned mummiforms to instantly create the illusion of a whole new winter wardrobe.



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