What We Love About Arrow Martial Arts, Marsfield + FREE TRIAL

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by Jessica Matthews


Over 2 years ago, our most senior RDM Junior Staffer Ava (aka my daughter) started at Arrow Martial Arts in Marsfield as a paying student. Our reasons for joining her up were:

  • building her confidence
  • growing her strength
  • increasing her personal safety (at school or out and about)
  • helping her to learn respect

We started with a free trial and Ava really enjoyed it so we decided to continue. Fast forward 2 years and 3 grading ceremonies (white –> yellow –> green –> blue) and Ava is LOVING her time there.

Arrow Martial Arts have asked us to share our journey with the RDM community and we are BEYOND happy to do so for many personal and professional reasons. As you’ll read, I couldn’t speak more highly of Arrow Martial Arts. Let me tell you all about them.



The DOJO is run by a local husband and wife duo Rob and Corinne – they are also the primary teachers (senseis). I adore them. They are so passionate and dedicated to their students and will go out of their way to make sure every student need is catered for.

Rob and Corrine teach the Northstar Ju Jitsu system. This is designed to be practical, fun and easy to learn while instilling the fundamentals of self-defence, confidence, discipline, respect, and focus in young children. 

Now, normally parents are not allowed in the DOJO so kids can remain focussed. However, as I was reporting on behalf of RDM I was rather excited to be let in to watch a whole class. Although I will admit I was a bit of a distraction..!

In my daughters class, there is a very sweet young boy who has autism. It’s not the first time I have seen Corinne & Rob work with him to maximise his training. Speaking with the boys’ mother, she explained that Rob and Corrine use sticker charts, shadowing and a variety of other strategies to encourage his learning. Watching them get the best out of this young boy is very inspiring and is a lesson in proving that using kindness and trying different strategies is key when working with children. It’s clear Rob and Corrine apply this theory in everything they do.



Here is another example of why I adore them. Ava was told she was ready for the next level due to her age and skill however she was nervous about moving up and leaving the friends that she made. She was so anxious about going into the new class that she refused to participate. Corinne & Rob allowed me into the class to sit with Ava who stuck to me like glue! Corrine came and quietly spoke to Ava about how she believed in her, knew she could do this class and that she would not have moved her up if she did not think she could handle the class. Corinne was incredibly supportive of Ava’s feelings and reservations for the change. Rob also came and spoke to her, listening to her fears and offering words of encouragement also. Within 12 minutes, Ava was happily participating in the class.

Their personalised care (in between running the class together) is the kind of care I see them give to every student at Arrow Martial Arts.



Now for the details. Arrow Martial Arts is a registered Active Kids provider which means you can use your $100 Active Kids Voucher when you sign your child up.

Their children’s classes are split into a few age groups:

  • Little Stars (3 – 4 years)
  • Bright Stars (5 – 8 years) – this is run in a 5-6 years & 7-8 years classes
  • Super Stars (9 – 12 years)
  • All-Stars (12 – 14 years)

Classes are run on Mon/Wed/Thurs/Fri and Sat. You can view their full timetable here.

At Arrow Martial Arts, they don’t just offer martial arts for kids! They also offer:

  • Kids Yoga 
  • Meditation for adults – run on Friday evenings a few times a month for 1 hour. Learn more here.
  • Ladies kickboxing
  • Adult martial arts
  • Martial Arts kids birthday parties – these are customised and can be done at your home or venue of your choice. Contact them to discuss your party needs.

To book in your free trial class, contact Corinne & Rob on the below details. 

The Details

Location: 72 Agincourt Road, Marsfield. 

Website: www.arrowmartialarts.com/

Phone: 0405 599 459

This is a sponsored post but the words and thoughts in the article are a genuine reflection of our experience.