What Can a 3 Year Old Possibly Learn at Jujitsu Classes?

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We were recently invited by Philotimo Freestyle Jujitsu in Hunters Hil to trial their “Minotaur” class for 3 to 6-year-olds. This was a job for none other than our youngest RDM staffer, Miss Holly.

The first and most important thing to know is that Holly basically had the time of her life at the trial. However, not only did she love it, she also looked the part too with the skilled instructors Sensei Carmen and Sensei Geoff using some very clever techniques to get the whole class doing very impressive moves within minutes of the class starting.


About Philotimo Freestyle Jujitsu

Located in Hunters Hill, Philotimo Freestyle Jujitsu programs have been running for over 20 years, specialising in self-defence and anti-bullying programs for primary and high school aged children.

Their focus is on realistic, practical and affordable self-defence with a major focus on girls and women. They run classes for everybody, from 3-year-olds up to adults. They also offer a girls-only stream called the “Arktoi” which provides a safe & supportive space for teenage girls.

Owner, Sensei Rose says Jujitsu helps children to overcome shyness, develop fitness, make new friends, learn new skills that are more than just sport, they’re life skills.


But what can a 3-year-old possibly learn?

Loads! Even at 3 years old, kids can learn physical skills such as balance, fine and gross motor skills. Not only that, the class also teaches life skills such as self-confidence, focus, discipline, delayed gratification and manners. At the end of each class, children sit down for a “Mat Chat” where they talk about the program topic of the week. Programs inlcude manners, homework, chores and more. What a wonderful concept!

Children also learn vital survival skills such as stranger danger, falling safely and all aspects of child safety – in particular saying NO, GO and TELL when they feel uncomfortable due to an adult or other child’s behaviour.

There are lots of classes for all ages throughout the week, with Mums able to train for free with their children on Tuesdays and Saturdays! How GREAT is that??

Click here for the timetable.


Free Trial Lessons

Philotimo Freestyle Jujitsu offers parents and students the opportunity to try out a class at no charge on the first Monday of the month (bookings essential). They take the lessons seriously, putting on extra instructors for every trial student. Get in touch and give it a try! It’s especially great if you want to get multiple kids into the same class because of the wide age brackets for classes.

An awesome testimonial we couldn’t leave out

Philotimo Freestyle Jujitsu has LOADS of amazing testimonials on both their website AND Facebook page but when you read one like this is just says it ALL:

“I highly recommend this dojo to any parent. My daughter started in her first year of high school and she has benefited in sooo many ways! She has so much more self-confidence in herself and her abilities. I have loved seeing her achieve results and break through mental barriers, she would have initially thought not possible! Rose Smith who runs this dojo, is an amazing individual who genuinely cares about each of her students, and I thank her and all of the Sensei‘ s for their hard work & dedication!”
Ashley LeMay, January 2019


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This is a sponsored post but the words and thoughts in the article are a genuine reflection of our experience.

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