Top 5 Christmas Gifts from Pandora Top Ryde City

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If you’re aiming to give a special and meaningful gift that will stand the test of time and trends, Jewellery can be a great option. We visited Pandora at Top Ryde in the lead up to Christmas to have a look at what they have on offer and spotted many great options that would make any giftee smile. The wonderful thing about Pandora is that the collection is buildable and complimentary. It’s not a matter of having to choose between one jewellery item or another – the more you have, the more you can wear! Here’s some of our favourites.


Mother & Daughter Bracelets

Name a sweeter gift than mother-daughter matching bracelets! The mother and daughter charms are just gorgeous and are a perfect start to the bracelet.




Letter Charms

The lovely ladies at Pandora Top Ryde explained to us that these popular charms are a favourite amongst the Mamas. The idea is that you collect the initials of your children! Words like LOVE and FOREVER are popular choices also ?



Charms for Girls

How beautiful are these bracelet charms for young girls? There are many, many charms that can represent all types of occasions, interests and connections. Here are some we love.


Matching Set

Every woman needs a matching set of jewellery – a necklace, ring and earrings. Pandora has all the classic styles as well as some more creative styles. When gifting someone else, we think you could not go wrong with one of the below!



Stacking Rings

Charms bracelets aren’t the only buildable jewellery item at Pandora – how great are the “wishbone” rings? They can be added to, with many different options available, such as rose gold, to collect.  



Classic Bracelet

This is another gift that any woman would love. A classic design like this means you can’t really go wrong. Perhaps one for your Mother-In-Law, sister, or best friend.




The Details

Location: Pandora Top Ryde is located on the Ground floor.


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