The Gift 97% of Teachers Want

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As the school year comes to a close, you’ll see in EVERY mum’s Facebook group a call out for teacher gift ideas. Finding a genuinely meaningful teacher gift that won’t break the bank seems impossible, and a personalised keyring or scented candle from Kmart is not the answer!

This Christmas we are using GroupTogether for teachers’ gifts! Loved by 97% of teachers and budget-friendly, GroupTogether makes group gifts EASY.

GroupTogether surveyed Aussie teachers, and found that 97% of Aussie teachers would prefer a collective gift from the entire class rather than individual gifts and 91% of teachers would prefer a gift card rather than options like hampers or homemade treats.

Ali Linz, Co-Founder of GroupTogether, said, “For teachers, what they appreciate most is a card filled with heartfelt messages from all of the kids and parents. Pair this with a Gift Card they can put towards something they really want or need, and that’s really the ultimate gift.”

Now, we know organising a gift from the whole class sounds like HARD WORK! The thought of chasing parents, getting signatures on the card and having the other parent’s money in your bank account…it’s not for the faint-hearted! That’s why GroupTogether is such a game changer (we’ve been using it for years). It’s a simple online tool that lets you organise a group gift end-to-end in a jiffy. It’s super easy and free to use, here’s how it works:

  1. Pick a card design
  2. Share the link with parents (WhatsApp, email, SMS, etc.), and they chip in and sign the card online. 
  3. You can choose from 70+ eGift Cards and gifts (including hampers, flowers and plants), or give the AnyCard and let the recipient choose. 

It’s inclusive, hassle-free, and creates a cherished keepsake! Give the perfect gift effortlessly! It’s a delightful way to show gratitude.

You can let parents sign the card without chipping in, making it truly inclusive for everyone’s financial situation. The card from the whole class is SO cute and becomes a special keepsake for the teacher. You can download it as a PDF to print and give to the teacher in person. A great idea is to print it at Officeworks on nice card stock for about $2 – it looks great.

4 Tips for Organising a Thank You Gift for a Teacher

Make it inclusive of everyone’s financial situation

According to GroupTogether, the average amount Aussie parents chip in for a teacher’s gift is $20 and this might be split across a few teachers and support staff. But you can give parents the option to sign the card without chipping in to make it inclusive for all families. 

Make it fun for everyone to join

You’re doing something truly kind by showing gratitude for the teacher, but talking about money can be sensitive. We suggest using language like, “There’s no obligation, but if you’d like to chip in for a gift for Miss Honey, please do so here”. Encourage everyone to write on the card and add a photo, it makes the card look incredible and the teacher will cherish their messages.

Don’t overthink the gift

You might get some interesting gift suggestions for the teacher – be open to them but remember that the best gift is the gift of choice. Just give a gift card! We’ve heard of some teachers spending their gift cards on groceries for Christmas lunch and others splurging on red leather skirts. Every teacher (and their situation) is different.

Give yourself a few extra days

No doubt someone will contact you the day AFTER the gift collection has closed! Set the end date a few days before you need it, with GroupTogether you can easily re-open it for any last-minute contributions. We find that a 2-3 week deadline is ideal to get people moving. 


So there you have it! With GroupTogether you can give the teacher a gift they really want in just a few minutes from the comfort of your couch (the other parents will thank you too!).