The Easter Show on a Budget – 2020 Edition!

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$245. That’s how much we reckon you need to “do” the Easter Show as a family of 4 on a BUDGET. Yes, you could definitely spend more without blinking but this guide is about doing it on the cheap! It includes tickets, transport, show bags, rides and food. Don’t believe us? Let’s crunch the numbers:

  • Tickets – buy early bird tickets online = $99.50
  • Get public transport – it’s free with the ticket
  • Rides tickets – $22 for 20 coupons x 2 = $44
  • Show bags (2 – 4 per child) = $80 
  • Food – BYO and maybe buy a treat = $20

TOTAL: $243.50


Let’s go into detail



  • The early bird Family Pass is $99.50 until midnight on the 2nd April so get in quick and buy your tickets now
  • If you don’t mind going after 4pm twilight tickets are $31 for adults and $10 for children
  • The last day of the show is known as Kids Day and tickets are half price for children
  • Entry is free for children 3 years and under



Getting There

  • The cost of public transport is included in your ticket price and all the information as to bus and train routes can be found here
  • Taxis will be available on Herb Elliott Ave (near Australia Ave) during the day until 5pm and then on Murray Rose Ave (near the Coca-Cola Carnival gate) from 5pm until 11pm


Free Fun

  • Good news – once you walk through the gates most of the entertainment is free! From arts & crafts to patting farmyard animals, displays of milking cows or shearing sheep and competitions such as wood chopping and horse riding – there is HEAPS to see and do
  • Kids will love the animal walk, the farmyard nursery and the Woolworths Dome
  • Download the free Easter Show App to get the latest on what’s on each day (and where the closest toilets are!)




  • $22 will get you 20 coupons
  • Most rides in the kids carnival are 4 to 8 coupons e.g. the Big Slide is 3 coupons, pony rides are 8 coupons, the swings and carousel are 4 coupons
  • Somes rides won’t require adult accompaniment and some rides will be free for adults to accompany – look for those ones!



  • Pack lunch and drinks! Yes, a bit obvious.
  • There are free water refill stations throughout the show
  • For a bargain lunch, look for the food truck selling cheese toasties for $2 and a 300ml Moove for $3 – winning!
  • As a guide, a bag of fairy floss is $5, a cup of Lemonade is $5, Cheese on a Stick is $5, a bottle of water is $5 and soft drink is $5.50




Research show bags in advance to see if you can get a step ahead when it comes to negotiating with the kids. Here is the show bag guide – you can filter by kids bags


Stay Strong!

Before you enter the show, explain to the kids exactly how the day will run, how many show bags you’re willing to buy, whether or not they can have fairy floss etc. Maybe they can decide between a treat and a balloon or another version of Easter show temptation. Be upfront and stick to your guns, kindly of course!