$100 Off Teeth Whitening at Dental House Gladesville

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by Jessica Matthews


For those following our social media channels, you may be aware that my sister got married last weekend. I was a bridesmaid and took my role very seriously in all capacities including trying to look as lovely as possible!! Well, when the ladies at the Dental House Gladesville invited me to road-test their teeth whitening service, as you can imagine I JUMPED at the chance!

We’ve checked out their general dental services before, which can read about here, so I already knew that they are super professional, gentle and would take good care of me for this treatment.

Dental House Gladesville offers two types of teeth whitening – a take-home kit or in-practice service which takes an hour. Both options will whiten teeth up to 8 shades lighter. I decided to do the in-practice treatment because I didn’t know how diligent I would be about the take-home option.



When I arrived, Kate, my dentist and I chatted about the process including how it will work, what to expect afterwards, and a discussion about colour. A very handy demonstrative bunch of fake teeth in the various shades were able to give me a very clear visual of what colour teeth I already had and what colour they were going to end up.


Whitening Process

  1. Kate (dentist) prepped my mouth for whitening and applied a layer of advanced whitening gel to my teeth.
  2. To speed up the whitening process, a Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp was shone onto my teeth. The lamp’s variable settings would ensure I had a comfortable experience.
  3. This was repeated 3-4 times until my preferred shade was reached
  4. Afterwards, Kate applied a post-treatment gel to help protect enamel and reduce sensitivity (it’s a take-home product for application if any sensitivity is experienced). 


What’s it like?

The process was very straightforward, and all that I was required to do was sit back, relax and watch Netflix! Easy! Kate and the dental assistant stayed in the room with me at all times so I never had a reason to be concerned about a thing.

I have very sensitive teeth and during round 3 I started to feel a little sensitivity. Kate was great when I told her and took the solution off the affected tooth, applied a post-treatment calming gel and I continued with the other teeth.

After the 3rd round, a lot of people are happy with the results and will stop there. This is what I did as I felt I’d achieved my whitening goal. 3 rounds seemed to be sufficient for me because my teeth were not that dark to begin with and I didn’t want to go too white either.


Post Treatment

Tooth sensitivity can continue for a few hours, which feels like little “zings”. I was “zinging” for about 5 hours post-treatment but some people don’t have any sensitivity at all! The take-home gel helped with that and I was back to normal in no time.

For the next 24 hours, it’s recommended you don’t eat any dark foods that would normally stain teeth e.g. coffee, red wine, curries and so on. Fortunately, I don’t partake in any of those so that was easy for me! I know some mamas will find the Coffee one a bit tricky!!


Professional Take-Home Whitening Kit

This procedure requires an appointment to take impressions.

Customised trays of your teeth are then made in the lab to ensure bleach won’t sit on your gums. Depending on the Dentist’s recommendation, you can get different strength bleaches to suit your needs. Once the trays are made (usually 1 week), you can pick them up and start using at home. The strength of bleach will determine how long you place the trays in for.

This is a more cost-effective method and you will achieve the same overall result as in-chair whitening, however you need to commit to using the trays at home.


RDM Discount

Have you been thinking about getting your teeth whitened? The great news is that if you mention you’re a Ryde District Mum you will get a $100 discount off your teeth whitening treatment! (Happy dance!!). 


Contact Details & Hours

Dental House Gladesville is open 6 days a week – Monday to Saturday and offers early morning, evening and those all-important weekend appointments!

They are located at 8/8 Wharf Road, Gladesville – they have off-street parking in the building.

Wondering how to book or have a question? The gorgeous Kylie would LOVE to help you – contact her on 9099 0800



Ryde District Mums were guests of Dental House Gladesville on this occasion but the thoughts and feelings written in this article are all our own.