RDM Dad Visits: The Men’s Grooming, Macquarie Centre

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by Jessica Matthews


Having been collaborating with Macquarie Centre for many years now, they gave us a task recently like no other – we were tasked with visiting The Men’s Grooming to see what they’re all about. Which was cool and everything, except that we’re WOMEN. Clearly, this particular mission would was not going to be suitable for our luscious locks so we sent along my RDM baby daddy Simon to test it out for us.

Via Simon’s reporting skills we discovered that The Men’s Grooming would actually be the perfect spot to send hubby or your dad for a ‘treatment’ (e.g. as a Father’s Day present) as they not only offer a luxurious service but also have some great hair & body products that are beautifully packaged but with an affordable price tag.


He also found out that The Men’s Grooming offers a whole range of great services:

  • Men’s style hair cuts
  • Zero & double zero fades (this is a fancy hair cut where the hair gradually becomes shorter and shorter)
  • Crew cut/flat top
  • Kids haircuts (prices for under 5’s, primary & high school)
  • Hot towel shave
  • Bread trim & bread line up
  • Salon shampoo
  • Eyebrow wax & facial hot wax
  • Cut & colour

More than you’d expect from a men’s barbershop isn’t it?

As for the aforementioned men’s grooming products, the range is HUGE. They aren’t your boring shampoos, conditioners or body washes either – for example – Simon got a body wash that looks like a whisky bottle! He also currently loving their body aftershave shave spray.

Simon also gave feedback that they had a great vibe going for a barbershop and that his stylist (Uce) was very specific and cared about each snip of his scissors! He loved the luxury of the hot towel bread trim and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process!



The Details

Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Sunday: 10am to 6pm
Monday: 930am to 6pm
Tuesday: 930am to 6pm
Wednesday: 930am to 6pm
Thursday: 930am to 9pm
Friday: 930am to 6pm




This is a sponsored post but the words and thoughts in the article are a genuine reflection of Simons experience.