RDM Visits: Kids Club Macquarie Park

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Over the past few years we’ve worked with many local childcare centres to showcase their service and highlight the features they’re most proud of. We also have many listed on our website directory.

Having seen so many absolutely fantastic centres, we thought we’d seen it all, and yet the brand new family-owned and operated Kids Club Macquarie Park was STILL able to leave us WOWED.




The outdoor play space at Kids Club Macquarie Park is nothing short of incredible – in fact, it’s reminiscent of a theme park! Centre director Louise, who has been working in the childcare sector for 25 years told us “it’s amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it”. The HUGE downstairs play area is home to:

  • a life-sized helicopter with controls
  • a massive red fire engine with tyres and steering wheel
  • mini motorbikes at a mini petrol station
  • a cubby house with at least 3 slides
  • a mini soccer field with net
  • water play
  • a sandpit
  • veggie patch
  • so much more!



Another wow moment – Kids Club Kids have fit out a fully functional mini-kitchen JUST FOR KIDS (adjacent to their professional kitchen) where kids cook, bake and serve their mates directly in the dining room! There are little sinks, washbasins and stainless-steel benches which are the perfect size for toddlers and preschoolers. How fun! 

“It’s very unique,” Louise says. “It’s such a big learning tool for them, teaching them pre-literacy and pre-numeracy all while having fun cooking. They will also learn good hygiene practices in a perfect early childhood learning environment.”

These custom made tables and bench chairs are pretty wow too!



With a menu exclusively designed in partnership global children’s food expert Annabel Karmel, the Kids Club gourmet chef creates healthy and delicious meals that reportedly tastes so good that kids are exploring foods that parents say they wouldn’t normally eat at home! Big tick right there!



Extracurricular Activities

Kids Club offer a variety of extracurricular activities, at no extra cost, which complements their educational program. Families can choose from:

  • Multisport classes, such as Zumba and soccer
  • Music lessons
  • Language classes
  • Yoga and Mindfulness


What’s included?

Kids Club centres provide absolutely everything children need including:

  • Avent bottles & Karicare S26 Gold formula
  • Bedding and cot sheets
  • Nappies, wipes & Sudocream
  • Sun safe hat & sunscreen
  • Kids Club backpack, t-shirt & jumper and water bottle
  • Free extracurricular activities: language, music, sports classes
  • 5 meals prepared fresh daily by their onsite chef
  • Secure biometric fingerprint access
  • Daily communication through conversations, e-mails & displays
  • Real-time updates & pictures via the Kids Club App



Open Day

On Saturday 21st September from 10am-12pm, Kids Club Macquarie Park is opening its doors to the local community with a Family Fun Day with a little help from Nickelodeon’s PAW Patrol Crew!

They’ll have plenty of activities for the kids including a test drive in Macquarie Park’s most creative play spaces.

Kids Club Team members will also be around to show visitors around and answer any questions. Book here for this FREE event! Limited capacity.



Offers and Promos

This September Kids Club Macquarie Park is running an opening promotion where you get 8 weeks free!! You just need to enrol before 30/09/2019


The Details

With on-site parking zones for drop-off and pick-ups and close proximity to the train station, the new centre’s location offers families convenience and flexibility.



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