RDM Review: Endota Spa, Macquarie Centre + Exclusive RDM Offer!

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by Jacqui Owens


Jess and I recently visited Endota Spa at Macquarie Centre for a little R&R. The terms “eagerly awaited” and “much-needed”, although understatements, are two that spring to mind when trying to explain how we felt about this visit & share the exclusive offer Felicity from Endota Spa Macquarie Centre has offered you all!!

I’ve probably had 10 facials in my life and I’ve loved each and every one of them. Usually, I’m aiming to walk away feeling pampered, relaxed and refreshed, but this time I was looking for something a little more. I was looking for REJUVENATION! I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not getting any younger so I asked the ladies there if they had any ‘anti-ageing’ facials. Well, of course they did. So I signed up to having New Age Light Therapy. Meanwhile, Jess locked in a SEVENTY-FIVE MINUTE organic facial and massage! Um amazing. I’ll tell you a bit more about the treatments in a bit.

Shortly after arriving, we were seated in the waiting room, and we immediately started getting in the relaxation zone. I mean look at the waiting room – heavenly!


After finishing our Rosehip tea and completing our questionnaire (mine was extra thorough as I was having light therapy), we headed off to our treatment rooms and began our individual treatments, both of which started with the donning of the worlds softest robes! Jess couldn’t help but take a selfie – she looks just a tad excited, don’t you think? 


SO – the low down on my New Age Light Therapy. The brochure describes it as a clinically tested, high-performance facial that uses the latest technology to deliver collagen stimulating, anti-ageing results. This skin renewal treatment uses Light Therapy (LED) to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and provides a defence against the ageing process, and skin looks instantly rejuvenated, smooth and more youthful. Here’s an extremely unflattering photo of me to give you an idea of what went down.


Light Facial


Don’t worry though, that part only lasted 10 minutes and the rest was an amazingly relaxing facial that left me feeling a million dollars! Afterwards, my skin definitely looked and felt so much brighter and happier than when I walked in.

Jess’s had the 75-minute Surrender Package and described it as BLISS! Here’s her take on it:

“First a confession – I am pretty sure at some point I fell asleep and woke myself up with heavy breathing!! (Don’t judge me, it was so relaxing!).

So to start, my therapist used a UV light to look at my skin to identify any areas of concern so she could tailor my facial to my skin. We went into the treatment room where I got to jump into that snuggly gown. My therapist then asked me some questions about my current skincare routine, my concerns and so on. She talked me through the products she would use and why.

The first part of my treatment was a massage focusing on the back of my legs, back, shoulders and feet. She even used one of those beautiful warm/wet towels on my feet. I love that refreshed feeling and the pressure was just right!!

After the massage I had the facial – I was tucked into some super soft towels on their comfortable bed and was very cozy. For me that is heaven – I am the ultimate day spa fan. I LOVE going to day spas. I lead a pretty busy life with my work, family, Ryde District Mums, my candle business etc, so a few times a year I like to escape for some me/day spa time. The facial was so relaxing – I think I fell asleep somewhere between the exfoliating and the charcoal mask, and clearly the head massage was the perfect finisher.

After my treatment, my therapist showed me the products she used and I bought the exfoliator because I have wanted a new one and I loved that theirs was organic and had multiple benefits and now when I use it I feel like I am back at Endota and all relaxed and ZEN!”

Overall, the experience was professional, relaxing and rejuvenating and this ticked all our boxes. It was a lovely experience that all mums should have every now and then. They also offer tanning, waxing, manicures and pedicures, and couple massages, so perfect for one stop shop when preparing for a special occasion! If you’re in need of some TLC or know someone who is, visit https://endotaspa.com.au/find-a-spa/new-south-wales/metro/macquarie-centre/ to book a treatment today!



Endota Spa has kindly offered an exclusive deal to all Ryde Mums for the month of October. Mention “Ryde District Mums” at time of booking and get access to:

  • 20% off treatments
  • Complimentary valet parking at Macquarie Centre

*not available with any other offer

*available Monday to Saturday throughout October 2017

*normal parking charges apply after 3 hours.