MathActive – School Holiday Guide

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Affordable maths lessons at MathActive Learning Centre

In the past ten years, we have helped many students become critical thinkers and passionate about maths.

  • Maths lessons are for all levels from kindy to 4U HSC and competitions.
  • If your child is not confident about maths, we can help.
  • If your child finds schoolwork too easy or boring, we can help.
  • If your child finds maths too confusing, we can help.
  • if you want to increase your kid’s chance to get into a selective school, we can help.


Location: Evans Road Dundas Valley, NSW 2117 (2 minutes from Carlingford; 6 minutes from Epping; 7 minutes from Eastwood)

Phone: 0424558500, 0404452729



In this school holidays, we provide:

FREE assessment

  • If you are thinking of tutoring for your kid but don’t know how to start, why not come for a FREE assessment? We look at your kid’s situation and recommend a learning program based on the outcome of the assessment.

Catch-up lessons

  • If your kids don’t have a thorough understanding of the maths content taught in school, it’s time to catch up. We have unique teaching methods for all maths topics. Popular topics include algebra and problem-solving, simultaneous equations, quadratics, trigonometry, statistics, binomials, indices and surds, vector graphing functions, and HSC topics.

Advice on 

  • Essay writing, other subjects such as physics, geography and music