Macquarie Community College – Epping Campus Official Opening!

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We recently had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of the brand new Epping campus of Macquarie Community College (MCC) – what an enlightening morning! Officiated by Donna Davis, Member of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales, we heard from a number of others including senior staff of NSW State Training, Board members of Macquarie Community College, local service providers, staff and local students.

Located at Level 3/3, Carlingford Road, the opening of the Epping campus is a major addition to the network with locations ranging from Blacktown and Mount Druitt to Chatswood and Richmond as well as Carlingford, Ryde. The Epping campus opening marks an exciting chapter in the college’s growth by bringing much-needed access to quality adult education to the local community and doubling down on its commitment to empowering people and fostering a thriving community in this central Sydney hub.

As a not-for-profit, community-based training provider, MCC’s focus is not solely on what it does, but also on the “why” and the “how”, making a significant difference in the lives of its clients. Beyond just imparting knowledge, they seek to improve personal, community, and employment connections for all their students.



A Reputation for Excellence

Now, you might be wondering, what’s so special about this college? MCC has built quite the reputation for being masters at working with adult learners, especially our incredible migrants, and they’re all about helping various cohorts in the community. They’ve got a real knack for connecting with people from all walks of life. They understand it’s not just about acquiring skills, it’s also about building confidence, making connections and building lifelong relationships.



Diverse Offerings to Cater to All Aspirations

One of the hallmarks of Macquarie Community College is its diverse range of courses and programs. Whether you’re interested in languages, aged care, childcare, disability support, business, hospitality, digital literacy, or employability skills, the college has got you covered. Their huge range of offerings enables students to explore their passions and pursue paths that align with their goals. They’ve got an arsenal of short workshops to level up your resume writing, interview skills, and so much more. Read more about their range of courses here.



Collaborative Approach

What sets them apart is their approach to collaborating with like-minded organizations and government agencies at all levels. They’re all ears when it comes to identifying and meeting the community’s needs, making sure their programs are tailor-made, and providing epic work experience opportunities. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?



Staff and trainers

The College has an extraordinary team of highly qualified trainers and program staff who are dedicated to their students success. They are especially skilled at working with learners at any skill level and any language background, tailoring the study to suit your needs.



Celebrating Milestones and Embracing Challenges

With a history dating back to 1950, MCC has stood the test of time, continually innovating and adapting to meet the evolving needs of its students and communities. In recent years, the college has achieved remarkable milestones, including the establishment of new campuses and a social enterprise café venture. Despite the challenges posed by a global pandemic, MCC persevered and expanded its footprint to cater to more learners in various locations.



Join the Macquarie Community College Family

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of growth, empowerment, and discovery, Macquarie Community College is the place to be. They’re committed to creating inclusive and affordable learning opportunities that enrich your life, connect you with the community, boost your chances of landing that dream job, or simply provide you with a creative outlet.


To find out more about the courses they offer or to join their ever-growing family of students, visit their website or give them a call – they’d love to hear from you!