Lowanna Park, Chatswood

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Lowanna Park in Chatswood is a gorgeous playground with some really fun features for the kids and is just a short drive from the Ryde area. If you are like us and regularly pop to Chatswood it is the perfect stop-gap! 

Firstly, the park is FULLY fenced, giving peace of mind when you have young kids. There is plenty to do for those young kids, including a sandpit with a boat and also a little climbing feature (low to the ground) made out of tree branches. 



For the kids 3 and over, the main feature is a wide climbing frame to a huge slide. And for some extra fun, there is a fireman’s pole on one side. Around the playground, you’ll find a great path for bike and scooters so don’t forget helmets!

The playground also features the classic (and favourite) swings, lots of seats/benches for the adults AND toilets and BBQ facilities! This means it could be a good option for a party. 



There are no shade sails at this park but shade is provided by the mature trees surrounding the playground. While the park isn’t overflowing with equipment, the fence, scooter track and toilets mean it gets some top ticks from us! 


Getting There

Lowanna Park is on the corner of Greville Street and Fullers Road, Chatswood. Parking can be found on Greville Street.




RDM Rating

Age range: 2 – 8

Coffee close by: 1 (across the road a new mixed shop is opening up that we think will sell coffee!)

Shade sails: 0.5 (good tree coverage from mature trees)

Bike/scooter track: 0.5 (pathways around the playground perimeter which can be used for scootering – both inside and outside the fenced playground)

Noteworthy feature/s: 0

Can host a party (BBQ, tables, toilets): 1 

Gated / safe: 1 

TOTAL: 4/6


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