Inglis Park, Newmarket – Randwick

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There’s a brand new reason to travel to Randwick and it’s called Inglis park. There’s one word for this playground – AMAZING. Kids ages 2-12 will LOVE it.

It might be a 35-40 minute drive away from the Ryde area but we absolutely reckon it’s worth it. This park has EVERYTHING you need including:

  • a playground
  • green space
  • an array of cafes and restaurants nearby
  • lots of seating and and bench space for enjoying a fun outing



This playground has a lot to offer. For the younger kids there is:

  • a medium-sized plastic slide with rope to climb
  • half bubbles on a soft fall wall
  • tunnels to climb through at ground level
  • ever popular flower speakers
  • variety of swings including a baby swing and the favourite circle rope swing
  • and for kids who like a bit of craziness they can spin around on the merry go round too! 

For the older kids, Inglis Park is their oyster. They’ll discover:

  • a metal slide about 6m long that is easily accessible from various angles.
  • stairs & a rope corridor that lead to 2 large rope walls
  • from there they climb up to the top where they can go down 1 of 2 twisted metal slides (don’t worry, there is a strong metal wire enclosure to ensure no one is climbing the wrong way!)
  • an enclosed structure house where kids can walk 360 degrees around including stairs to change the incline in one spot, timber beams in another!!
  • a climbing wall with rock climbing, walking rope wall, square rope wall and more. 

Important tick boxes

There is no shade sail per say, but the area gets great shade from the beautiful mature trees and the actual playground structure itself. Parents will love the soft fall ground throughout, with only a little bark patch. Toilets are nearby too in the Newmarket Dining precinct.


Food and drink nearby

Across from Inglis Park is the Newmarket Dining precinct where you will find a host of cafes and restaurants. It’s a great playground to visit if you want to combine a play with a coffee / lunch and a little drive.


Getting there

Inglis Park is located at 164 Barker St, Randwick. The parking is not fabulous – there is only street parking but don’t let that deter you. We found a street park that was only a 1 minute walk from the playground.

To access Inglis Park, you can:

  • drive down Epping Rd, go through the
    harbour tunnel and take the Randwick exit once you come out of the ED
  • drive down Victoria Rd all the way into the city, take the cross city tunnel and then the ED, taking the Randwick exit


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