Your Kids’ New Favourite Book: “My Incredible Netball Journal”

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by Eliza McCann, Author & Wing Attack


There’s nothing more delightful than watching your child find their passion in life! For my kids, it was joining a netball team and discovering a sport that they fell in love with. Having written, and published, travel journals for kids while living overseas, I’m a strong believer that documenting experiences and creating a memento to look back on for years to come is invaluable.

A chance encounter at my kids’ school led me to meet Sue Cox, fellow mum and netball super coach. Sue’s passion for getting kids involved in sport and fostering a community of healthy, happy kids was infectious. We put our heads together and over two years created My Incredible Netball Journal.

This fabulous new children’s book is bursting with activities for brain and body! We hope the journal encourages:

  • kids to document their sporting journey – from scores to how they felt on game day
  • ownership of the game – there are tips on how to be game ready and how to be prepared
  • taking a holistic approach to netball – a well-rounded child makes a happy child
  • kids to make healthy eating choices and be aware of their body
  • players to think about what it means to be part of a team, not just how to play as an individual
  • players to get to know their coach – having a role model other than a parent can teach kids incredible life lessons
  • players to get know their teammates – new or old!

Above all, we wanted the book to be fun! There are training tips and fun homework drills, cupcake recipes and stickers!  Watch out, parents… there are even awards for you! Who is the adult most likely to use a naughty word?


Visit our website for more information and if you enter the code “Ryde at checkout you’ll receive 10% off your purchase!


Eliza McCann is co-author of My Incredible Journals and author of the My Awesome Adventure travel journal series (