How to Vote For Your Ryde Liberal Team

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This is a sponsored Article For Ryde Liberals


On Saturday 4 December, Ryde residents have an opportunity to elect a fresh new Council.

We need a diverse, progressive and experienced team to repay Council’s $60 million debt, fix Ryde’s broken planning laws and deliver more innovative and sustainable services for our local community.

After four years, the Liberal team have already made great progress to start long overdue planning reforms, improve the financial transparency of Council and support small and family businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, we have saved dozens of small playgrounds from demolition, and secured much needed funding to expand greens spaces and improve tree coverage throughout the community.

At this election, your Ryde Liberal team of Jordan Lane, Sarkis Yedelian and Trenton Brown are proud to introduce the community to three new and energised candidates.


East Ward

In the East Ward, your Liberal vote in Group C will help elect Sophie Lara-Watson. Sophie is an accountant and represents one of the fastest growing demographics in Ryde – young professionals. She is passionate about energising Ryde’s nightlife, and ensuring your hard-earned ratepayer money is spent sensibly and efficiently.


Central Ward

In the Central Ward, your Liberal vote in Group D will help elect Shweta Deshpande. Shweta is a mum to two girls and has a professional career in the pharmaceutical industry. She is passionate about sustainability and inclusivity and will be a champion for our rich and diverse multicultural community.


West Ward

In the West Ward, your Liberal vote in Group D will help elect Daniel Han. Daniel is a school teacher at Ryde Secondary College, and previously worked as a pharmacist in Eastwood. He is a leader in Ryde’s Korean community, and with his energy and experience, will provide an important link between Council, young people and families of school-aged children.

Ryde residents are smart, and at this election they have an opportunity to truly transform Ryde for the better.



At this election, vote [1] Liberal in your ward to help secure Ryde’s future.