How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids

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by Victoria Poulton

Why are my photos coming out blurry?

There are two reasons your your photos can come out blurry – first is focus, the second is shutter speed. Focus can easily be fixed so I am gong to explain how the shutter speed works and how to solve that problem. Shutter speed problems usually happens in darker situations. When your camera takes a photograph, it opens up the shutter. This will allow light to reach sensor inside your camera. How long your camera leaves the shutter open (it’s a fraction of a second) will determine how much light will be reaching the sensor of your camera. The longer the shutter is open the more likely your camera will capture camera shake (your hands moving very very slightly while taking the photo). This causes cause blurring in your photos. A simple solution is to add more light. You can flick on a light, turn on flash or move somewhere brighter!

My photos are too dark!

It means that you do not have enough light. All you need to do is add more light!

The background is too bright and people are too dark

When your main light source is coming from behind your subject, this is called backlighting. Most point and shoot cameras and phone cameras don’t handle that lighting very well. All you need to do is change your angle. Moving my position is the solution to this problem. All you need to do is move 90 degrees, you get a much better result, because the light is now coming from the side, rather than behind. The photo will also be much sharper!

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Avoid harsh lighting

Direct sunlight outdoors can look very harsh in your photographs, creating raccoon shadows under the eyes! No one wants to look like a raccoon! All you need to do is move to a fully shaded spot for nice even light.

Background matters

Watch out for any unsightly things in the background. You get the most amazing photo of your kids, only to discover a rubbish bin in the background…. Take a quick look around to see if there are unsightly things in view. All you need to do it zoom in closer on your subject or take a photo form a different angle. This way the yucky bin won’t be in the photos!

Different angles

You don’t need to take 5 photos from the same angle. To get more variety in the photos, move around, try taking photos from all sides, on their eye level, from above etc. This will help you to tell a story of what your kids are doing!

Capturing the moment

In 20 years time you will want to remember what you kids were like and the quirky little things they did. Let them be kids and play, get down low on their level and snap away!

Happy snapping ladies!

Victora, Owner at Brand New Baby Newborn Photography and Victoria Poulton Photography

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