Need to Know: Blenheim Park, North Ryde Development

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Some of you may already know that the future of Blenheim Park has been in planning with the NSW Government for over 4 years. 

Huge developments in the North Ryde area (particularly along Epping Rd) mean that the green space available to residents will dwindle. Ryde Council is trying to keep that from happening by expanding Blenheim Park by up to 6%.  This is particularly important for the Centrale development at 1 Delhi Rd as it will have little to no green space available.

To expand, council will need to acquire three Epping Rd properties at the market price. The landowner of the three properties has previously attempted to rezone the properties to allow apartment buildings of up to 16 storeys (120 units) and a shop. The Department of Planning and Environment refused saying the land is unsuitable for this purpose.

Ryde Council, led by MP Victor Dominello, and residents have filed a planning proposal for the expansion with the Department in August 2016 which was approved in October on the provision that the council meet two requirements. The council is required to revise the plan with projections for population and open space. In March 2017 did the Ryde City Councillors unanimously voted to put it out as a proposal to the Community through various ways. Such as at this link.

Resident Debbie Scholem explains that “once the NSW Government approves the re-zoning from Residential to Green Space, the council will be able to force an acquisition and buy the three homes that are next to the park at a market price. The houses will be demolished and the park will be extended.”

So now it’s your turn to have a say. You can fill in the survey at this link, to help determine what the future of Blenheim Park might look like. An overpass across Epping Rd will mean residents will have safe access to the park, and the Tennis World site will continue to provide a place to play and learn. 

If you would like any further information, or have questions you would like answered, please contact Victor Dominello via his website or send an email to: contact