Australia’s Fanciest Grocery Store is at Lane Cove!

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Well, grocery shopping just got a whole lot more fun. Harris Farm has just opened its biggest store EVER and it’s in Lane Cove! So naturally we checked it out.

Firstly WOW – it’s big! It’s a bit of an adventure so strap in!

SPOILER ALERT – there’s a Messina Gelato section! Messina’s first-ever concession store is stocked with gelato (obviously), pies, waffle cones, ice-cream cakes and heaps more. Praise be!

As if that’s not enough, it’s located right next to the DONUT counter! The whole section is both delicious and dangerous – enter at your own risk! Great for parties and birthdays for sure.

The store also has an in-house butcher, deli, fishmonger, and bakery – and they all look very modern and flash.

In case you need more, there’s an açaí bowl counter, you can pour your own honey, grind your own nut butter, scoop your own butter popcorn and choose your own adventure!

Cheese lovers – here’s one for you – they stock 500 different types of cheeses! ? ?

ALSO! They sell whole cakes! Remember that next time you need a last-minute cake.

Because of its size, fancy factor, and the mission of the store, this is the kind of place you’ll find even the most unusual and obscure of ingredients that you’d otherwise search high and low for. We spotted many a specialty ingredient and gourmet item.

Wow. A lot to take in! It’s a massive store, at least worthy of a little look-see at one point or another. Do you reckon you’ll check it out?

PARKING: There are several hundred spots on site.

LOCATION: 56-60 Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove (where the old Coles used to be)

OPENING HOURS: 7 days a week, 7am to 10pm. Check with store for public holiday times/whether they are open.