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Our online and on-campus tuition helps students to deeply understand STEM concepts, apply their knowledge to coursework and prepare for success in HSC exams.

At Accel iQ, our mission is to provide the perfect learning environment for every student. While some will excel in the community atmosphere of group classes, many students benefit from the personal attention of one-on-one tuition. With options for both on-campus, online, group and one-on-one tuition, we ensure every student has the opportunity to learn at their very best.


Our tutors are former university professors, HSC high achievers and STEM industry professionals. Each Accel iQ tutor is passionate about providing tailored on-campus or online home tuition through school classwork, HSC exam papers and revision quizzes.

Each student is given the opportunity to dictate the area of study, with our tutors focusing on student needs, not rigid lessons. Whether it’s Physics, Chemistry or one-on-one Maths tutoring, our tutors help students develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in their HSC studies.


Our ambition is not only to ensure that students get the ATAR they need to enter their chosen university and degree; it is to inspire and support students on their journey towards university.

We help students to discover which kind of career path will suit them and support them to choose and be accepted into the right course.

This includes:

Education on different career paths, based on individual interests.
Assistance finding work experience.
Information on the range of courses available at Australian universities.
Information on the types of jobs available beyond university.

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