Function Playground

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27/02/2019 - 29/02/2020
12:00 am

Function Playground

After helping so many patients reach that pain-free life and full functional movements it was time to really test what they have learnt. We have recently built the first physio-guided movement space in Gladesville and have patients working with our high-quality instructors to help with our final chapter of the rehab. These small based classes are all about quality movement and controlled pain-free adaptations to our clinical Pilates along with Aerial yoga and traditional Japanese yoga.

We are the only gym in a 15km radius to offer aerial, reformer, and yoga all under one roof, and now the first in Australia to have our movement space within our once known physiotherapy clinic.

Reaching the final chapter of your rehab has never been safer! Come in for a movement assessment by one of our highly trained physiotherapists to complete your journey to wellbeing.


We’ve made working out worry free! After you have consulted with our physiotherapists in your initial Pilates Assessment, the physiotherapist will score you based on a criterion of how well you complete the tasks asked. If you are restricted, have any dysfunctions or history of any injury, you will be guided to the right rehabilitation centre for you! Whether it be our Clinical Reformer Pilates studio in Putney or FUNCTION PLAYGROUND, you’re in safe professional hands!

Address: 148 Pittwater Road, Gladesville, NSW, 2111

Phone: 9879 7467





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