11 Egg-citing Easter Activities to Try at Home

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Easter may look different to years prior bu that doesn’t mean we can’t make it one to remember. Here are a few ideas for making special memories this Easter weekend.


1. Have a backyard Easter Egg Hunt



2. Try an indoor Easter egg scavenger hunt!



3. Have an egg and spoon race (use a chocolate egg seeing as they’re easier to get than actual eggs!)



4. While you’re racing, why not have a bunny hop race too! You can use pillow slips as sacks 🙂



5. Get involved in the Great Easter Egg Hunt by printing off and colouring / drawing an easter Easter egg picture then placing in your front window!



6. Write a letter to the Easter Bunny and leave it out for him/her with some carrots and water!



7. Get your craft on! Here are 14 great Easter craft ideas to try from Bright Star Kids



8. Play Scrabble only using Easter-themed words



9. Make hot cross buns – here are some great recipe options from Delicious



10. Log onto an online easter service – here’s a list of churches that will be running online mass this Sunday 



11. Order a home delivery meal to celebrate Easter and support a local business while doing so.