Tasty Easter Treats for Giving

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by Rebecca Lee

EASTER! Are you kidding? I’m still finding snap lock bags of leftover ham in my freezer!

If, like me, Easter has crept up on you like a creepy man in a bunny suit, here are 2x sugar filled ways to get in the spirit!

Note: if you are a sugar free household, look away now…

Easter Bark

“Chocolate Bark” is code for melted chocolate, with any festive decorations on top, then broken up into pieces.

If you have guests coming around, or want to gift something to a host, it’s an inexpensive substitute for buying chocolate eggs, and looks just as pretty.

You will need:

  • 1x shallow baking tray lined with baking paper (like for cookies)

  • 1x bag of chocolate melts (I used white)

  • 1x bag of mini marshmallows

  • ½ cup of sprinkles

  • Any other edible treats you may like to decorate with

1. Start by melting the chocolate according to the packet directionsNB: Avoid water mixing with your chocolate at all times. It will seize up and create a horrible mess

2. Mix in half the marshmallows, reserving the other half for sprinkling on top

3. Pour the chocolate marshmallow mix out onto the tray and spread with a spatula

4. Sprinkle over the remaining marshmallows, sprinkles and decorations

5. Pop the tray in the fridge for about an hour, until the chocolate is set

6. Use a heavy knife to cut up the “bark” in any way you choose.. I like the rustic look personally!

7. Serve to guests as is or tie up a piece or two in a little cello bag for gifting

Bon Apetit!

Rebecca xx

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