MF Fitness

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Come train outdoors and find your fitness family within our group of friendly, supportive, and motivating members at MF Fitness.

Offering Outdoor Bootcamps, Mummy Bootcamps & 1:1 Personal Training in the convenient location of Ryde Park.  Classes are designed for all fitness levels and are varied to ensure you get an overall workout.

With over 10 years of experience, we have a team of registered & accredited fitness professionals, who are also qualified in pre & post-natal training. We take a keen interest in ensuring our clients are getting the best programming available at our classes to ensure there are achieving their goals efficiently.

As a busy mum, I know it is hard to find time to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle.  I want to show you it is possible and help you gain back that confidence, feel happy and fit, and be energised.  A healthy lifestyle is about making simple changes you can live with long term.  We are here to help you achieve this.

Contact us to come along and try a class for free.