Do You Do These 5 Things For Your Teeth?

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After school runs, household chores and errands, being a busy mum often means your own oral health needs are the last item on your to do list! Every year on the first week of August, the Australian Dental Association runs ‘Dental Health Week’, a major event that promotes the importance of maintaining good oral health at every aspect of our lives. For this year, the team at Top Health Dental have compiled some valuable tips on maintaining and incorporating good dental habits into your busy day.


Tip 1 – Brushing and Flossing to Prevent Plaque, Decay and Tooth Loss

Yes ladies, poor teeth maintenance can place us at serious risk of photos with fake or no teeth! So brushing for 2 minutes morning and night and flossing every night is absolutely essential!


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Tip 2 – More Water and Less Sugar

Sugar is bacteria’s best friend because the sugar from food and drinks allows the bacteria in your mouth to produce acids that dissolve and damage teeth. Water, especially tap water, contains fluoride that protects teeth enamel and provides the best prevention against tooth decay. Therefore, limiting sodas and juice to meal times, reducing unhealthy snacks and regular sips of water throughout the day can make a real difference to the health of your teeth!


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Tip 3 – Chew On Sugar Free Gum

Boosting your saliva to help wash away acid and food particles from teeth, having sugar free gum after meals can really protect your teeth! Not to mention help with bad breath and your waist line as it curbs your desire to snack and low in kilojoules!



Tip 4 – Use an Electric Toothbrush or Change Your Toothbrush Every 3 Months

Your toothbrush can be a breeding ground for bacteria hence replacing your manual toothbrush every 3 months or earlier if worn out will enable cleaner and more effective tooth brushing. However for even more effective brushing, an electric toothbrush with its rotating motion and pressure can reach further and time your brushing, hence providing a more thorough clean for your pearly whites.



Tip 5 – Regular Visits To The Dentist

Regular visits to the dentist, who will assess the health of your teeth and gums and detect any oral cancers. It is also a spring clean of your mouth as a visit usually involves removing any plaque and tartar build-up and the teeth polish will help reduce those teeth stains from one too many cappuccinos! If you have health cover, visiting the dentist is an excellent way to make the most of those costly health premiums! So pencilling in 2 visits to the dentist a year is an essential part of oral health maintenance.


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Despite all the challenges and fatigue of being a busy mum, there are still a million and one reasons to smile! So doing so with confidence is paramount! As an added incentive, appointments at Top Health Dental for the month of August will automatically enter you in the draw to win a brand new Oral B Genius 8000 electric toothbrush valued at $219. So more the reason to take the opportunity to reflect and look after your oral health!


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